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Inspire and Discover: The adidas and Wanderlust Photo Recap

Yogis from all over the world came together to celebrate and inspire community.

Presented by adidas
Recipe: Basmati Pilau With Toasted Pistachios and Raisins

This Ayurvedic staple is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out.

Wanderlust TV
Nature as Your Truest Self

Discover the beauty of the earth and see it reflected in yourself.

Presented by Wanderlusters
The Yogi’s Guide to Boston

From vegan comfort food to hip hop flow, Boston is a yogi paradise.

Get the New 360-Fitness App

The new ALL DAY app serves up insights and challenges to inspire all around fitness.

Presented by Adidas
Wanderlust TV
Float Into Forearm Stand

Reverse the effects of gravity as you learn the basics for this empowering pose.

Presented by On the Mat
10 Ayurveda Tips for Staying Cool and Balanced During Festival Season

Erin Casperson, Kripalu-certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Academic Coordinator for th…

Wanderlust TV
Discover Wanderlust 108

A 5k, yoga, and meditation make up this field day for your mind, body, and soul.

The Festival Experience
Recipe: Enlightened Pina Colada With Baked Taro Chips

Savor the end of summer with this lightened-up version of the classic Pina Colada.

Presented by TYKU
Why I’m Quitting (and You Should, Too)

Life is too short to settle—follow your heart and find your path.

Recipe: Raw Milk Chocolate Pudding

Delight the inner child with homemade, dairy-free chocolate pudding.

When Yogis Come Together, Magic Happens

Find out what happens when you practice in a large group.

Mindful Music Spotlight: Ashley Lilinoe

Hear Ashley Lilinoe perform at Wanderlust O'ahu in February!

15 Reasons to Plan a Summer Escape Now

It's never too early to begin planning your next big adventure.

Apps Over (Paper) Maps: Wanderlust Goes Green

Mindfulness means being aware of your impact on the environment. Join us as we make an effor…

3 Elixirs to Burst Into Spring With Consciousness

Elixirs give a healthy buzz with a bonus side effect of replacing unwanted drinks.

Wanderlust TV
Cat-Cow with Briohny Smyth

FitFlow teacher Briohny Smyth walks us through the seemingly simple Cat-Cow poses.

On the Mat
Nourish Yourself With Season 2 of the Wanderlust Podcast

Season 2 is all about food, and how it can change us from the inside out.

Wanderlust TV
Productivity: Sequence 2

Nail your Garudasana, Eagle Pose, by grounding down.

Presented by Adidas
3 Ways for a Nomad to Foster Community

IEMANJO, aka Ben Harris, shares his tips for fostering community when living a life on the road.

Wanderlust TV
The Big Exhale

Being a kid can be tough—mindfulness programs can help.

Mindfulness for the Next Generation
Wanderlust TV
What We Miss When We Talk About Healthy Food

Wanderlust chef Kevin Callaghan discusses the importance of access to healthy food.

From the Wanderlust Kitchen
The History of America’s Favorite Fruit

Apples have remained a cornerstone of American cuisine.

Presented by North Coast Organics
Wanderlust TV
From Pain to Purpose: Erica Jago

Renowned teacher Erica Jago uses this meditation to help move you from pain to purpose.

Presented By Guided
The Bare Bones Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple a day really might keep the doctor away.

Presented by North Coast Organics
Wanderlust TV
Yoga to Create: For Runners

Featuring dancer, model, and movement coach Meagan Kong.

Presented by Adidas
Wanderlust TV
Stability + Balance: Sequence 2

This short sequence features Warrior II, Half Moon, and High Prayer Twist.

Presented by adidas
Coming Home to Yourself

When home isn't a place, but a part of your soul.

Wanderlust TV
Malas 101: A Reminder of Intention

Heart-centered yoga teacher Lindsey Smith shares how to use a mala to manifest your best self.

Chris Assaad and the Artist’s Journey, “Music Chose Me”

Wanderlust musician Chris Assaad lets go of control and the ego in order to welcome the flow…

How a Yogi Found Her Running Stride

I've always been a yogi first and a runner second. Here's how that changed.

How “Healthy is the New Skinny” is Transforming Our Idea of Beauty

Former plus size model Katie Willcox talks body image, social media, and how perfection is n…

Recipe: Gluten-Free Raspberry and Passion Fruit Tarts

These tropical treats are guaranteed to delight the senses.

Presented by siggi’s
Violinist Ida Jo on the Language of Light

Learn how this Wanderlust musician uses light, love, and language to create a unique musical…

Why Southern Hospitality Belongs in Southern California

Bring Southern traditions into a California kitchen.

How a Material Girl Found Meditation (And You Can Too)

Modern mystical goddess Ruby Warrington shares how mindfulness and meditation can fit into a…

21 Reasons to Do Yoga

Ready to get started? Join the Wanderlust 21-Day Yoga Challenge on Wanderlust TV!

3 Warm Morning Drinks That Aren’t Coffee

It's almost the season for autumnal beverages, and we've got the best morning drinks headed …

10 Daily Reminders to Keep Us Grounded

Life is busy, but taking time to remind ourselves of what's important can serve as a much-ne…

Why You Should Practice More Than One Spiritual Path

When we broaden our spiritual practices, we broaden our worldview.

Ana Forrest: How To Walk in Beauty

The Forrest Yoga tribe uses the principle ‘Walk in Beauty.’ I think Walking in Beauty is es…

Co-Create: How Other Artists Fuel Your Creativity

Find inspiration for your art and fuel your creativity through relationships with others.