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Inspire and Discover: The adidas and Wanderlust Photo Recap

Yogis from all over the world came together to celebrate and inspire community.

Presented by adidas
Apps Over (Paper) Maps: Wanderlust Goes Green

Mindfulness means being aware of your impact on the environment. Join us as we make an effor…

Wanderlust TV
Discover Wanderlust 108

A 5k, yoga, and meditation make up this field day for your mind, body, and soul.

The Festival Experience
Wanderlust TV
For CrossFit: Sequence 1

Enhance your CrossFit practice by implementing yoga.

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Get the New 360-Fitness App

The new ALL DAY app serves up insights and challenges to inspire all around fitness.

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Using the Soma System to Connect Mind and Body

Harvard grad Roman Torgovitsky shares the story behind the creation, purpose, and benefits o…

A Yogi Opens Up About Teaching at Burning Man

Are you headed to the playa next week? You won't want to miss this teacher's workshop.

Ayurvedic Recipes to Cool and Soothe Your Body

Use Ayurveda to help cool down during summer's dog days.

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Fully Loaded Peach-Vanilla Chia Pudding Pots

Keep these treats on hand for split-second fuel.

Presented by siggi's
Violinist Ida Jo on the Language of Light

Learn how this Wanderlust musician uses light, love, and language to create a unique musical…

How a Material Girl Found Meditation (And You Can Too)

Modern mystical goddess Ruby Warrington shares how mindfulness and meditation can fit into a…

How “Healthy is the New Skinny” is Transforming Our Idea of Beauty

Former plus size model Katie Willcox talks body image, social media, and how perfection is n…

108: Yoga’s Sacred Number

The number 108 continues to pop up in yoga, nature, astrology, and throughout human history.…

10 Mantras for Sweat Junkies

Need some inspiration to match your perspiration? These mantras will do the trick.

Control Anger Before It Controls You

Catch your anger early and extinguish it. The longer it builds, the more damage it can cause.

10 Gorgeous Photojournals From Our Summer Photographers

As is the case for our attendees, each photographer’s Wanderlust experience is unique.…

108 Wise Words Spoken at Wanderlust

I’ve got a journal full of gems, and they will travel with me far beyond Wanderlust. Each te…

Wanderlust TV
Dogs Of Yoga: Chelsey and Lozen

Lozen travels the world with his human Chelsey Korus—and loves it.

Dogs of Yoga
14 Ways to Start (and Maintain) a Meditation Practice

The best place to do it? A Wanderlust 108 event.

Wanderlust TV
Seane Corn: Bridging Spirituality and Activism

Seane Corn discusses activism, and how her yoga practice has given her perspective.

10 Ideal Destinations for the Solo Traveler

Are you a solo traveler hungry to venture out into the wild? We've got your next destination…

Recipe: Carrot Hummus With Turmeric

An exciting and super-healthy riff on everyone's favorite snack

How to DIY Your Own Sacred Space

Fire up your home practice with a personalized sacred space.

A Letter to My Open Heart

Love is real in all directions, not something to be sought, forced, or held.

Amanda Giacomini On Inspiring Art Through Yoga

When we get off the mat, most of us tend to focus on how our bodies feel. We…

Becoming Your Best Date: The Perks of Dining Alone

A solo meal can inspire confidence and ignite curiosity.