Find Your True North

For over a decade, we have been a leader in the conscious living movement, serving a vibrant, active community of seekers passionate about finding their best selves – finding their true north.

Find Your True North
The World's Only Mindful Triathlon
Returns to London on Saturday 9 September 2023
Wanderlust 108, the world’s only mindful triathlon, will return to Battersea Park September 2023 to strike a few new poses.
Watch mindful teachers and thoughtful leaders guide you on the path to your true north.
Dive into wisdom and inspiration brought to you by our community guides from all over the world.
Ayurveda For Autumn Balance

It's vata season! Here's how to prepare your body and mind.

Yoga for Virgo Season: Releasing Ideas of Expectations

Perfectionist Virgo has a lot to teach us about releasing ideas of expectation.

Nadia Gilani: The Yoga Teacher and Manifesto Disrupting Flows

Meet Nadia Gilani, author of the poignant, funny, and shocking book, The Yoga Manifesto.

From the Wanderlust Kitchen: A Perfect Autumn Pie

This recipe combines all the things you love about fall into one yummy fig hand pie.

5 Ways to Become More Mindful About Money

Our feelings about money can reveal deeper emotional and spiritual tendencies.

By Sonima
Accessible Yoga for the Modern Day Man

'The Power of Yoga for Men' - the first yoga book for the modern day man, which focusses on …

The Power of Community

Valuable lessons in creating communities, including how to find and attract your community.

Your Own Positive Mind Plan for Fertility

How to create a Positive Mind Plan, to achieve connection, feel more relaxed and regain cont…

Breathe In Breathe Out To Discover Your Hidden Power

WIN a signed copy and claim your exclusive 50% Wanderlust discount off the Sunday Times top …

Discover (and Embrace) Your Purpose To Be a Warrior

"Look at your purpose like a Warrior’s Code, a statement you live by every day. A statement …

Get to Know Patanjali: A Founding Father of Yoga

Patanjali was more than just his suttras. We uncover some of mystery surrounding this iconic yogi.

Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Yoga and Colonization

"With the practice of yoga, we can experience holistic recovery, self-control and personal r…

5 Smoothie Recipes to Brighten Your Morning

Have a vibrant summer, from the inside-out

You Aren’t Tripping: Mushrooms Are Everywhere Right Now

"If you’ve been seeing mushrooms everywhere lately, you’re not imagining things. Mushrooms a…

How Shamanism Helped Me Heal: Meet Medicine Woman Alex Bedoya

We sat down with Medicine Woman Alex Bedoya to demystify the stigma around shamanism and und…

The Best Adaptogens for Holiday Travel

Prepping for a travel-heavy season? Fight off common mental and physical ailments with our f…

How To Overcome Meditation Blocks

With so many people shouting all the benefits of meditation such as increased awareness, men…

The Power of Ritual: Soul Care as Nectar for the Times

When we activate intentional rituals, we track sacred life passages, and honour the depths i…

Returning to the Mat: How Yoga Heals

How this yogi and teacher found peace returning to her practice after many moons away.

Yoga’s Superhighway to the Divine: Kirtan Chanting

Open your heart and feel connected by joining your voice with others.

After My Mum Died, Yoga Saved My Life

Yoga teacher Kevin Wathey happened across yoga after the most difficult time in his life—and…

Marianne Williamson in Conversation with Russell Brand

These two firebrands of the wellness community discuss how not to let depression define you.

Annie Parr: Break Mental Patterns with Movement

"We are peeking into the future. Either you experience it as a slap in the face or a window …

Claudia Mirallegro: Strong Yoga Discipline Helped Me See Past Anxiety

The work makes you realize you are more powerful than you think.

How Anxiety Can Change Your Life for the Better

When you stop avoiding the discomfort of anxiety, you'll discover there's a valuable lesson …

How Cancer Made Me More Mindful

It wasn't about being positive—it was about being present.

21 Mantras to Transform Your Meditation Practice

Use these powerful mantras whenever you need a meditation pick-me-up.

Friendship: An Important Element of a Healthy Life

The Beatles knew it well when they sang “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Health in Your Hands: How One Woman Handled Thyroid Dysfunction

Understanding your body's mechanisms allows you to be own your health.

All Your Gut Health Questions Answered

Clinical and holistic nutritionist Christa Orecchio goes beyond the fad of gut health and gi…

Fit + Fat, Thin + Sick. There’s More to Health than Appearance

Briana Ottinger is a body positivity advocate who believes that you can be fat—and fit. When…

Meet the Mysterious Fruit Behind Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails

Amp up your mimosa game with the beautiful blood orange.

Presented by Swisse Wellness
Sleep Therapy: Yoga for a Better Night’s Sleep, Anywhere

These classes are meant to cultivate your calm, and will have you ready for naptime, or prep…

Why You Snack When You’re Sleepy

There's a reason behind your desire for a midnight snack.

Om-ing Through Pregnancy: What You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a great way to prepare not only for birth, but motherhood as well. One woma…

Low Sex Drive? These Yoga Poses Can Help Rev It Back Up

Just like a yoga practice, libido can be ever-shifting. There's nothing wrong with not being…

How to Find Your Inner Child as an Adult

Channel your youth as an adult by thinking about three words that describe your younger self

I Did 10 Minutes of Breathwork for 10 Days Straight. Here’s What Happened

What happens if you devote time to your day to just breathe? Read on—and then develop a prac…

Top 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreats To Find Your Inner Peace

Step back from the day-to-day demands of life and "re-treat" yourself.

20 Things People Who Have Been to Wanderlust Know to Be True

Magic lives inside festival participants—even after they leave the event

Not Just for Kids: Hobbies for Life Balance

Why is it so difficult to make time for the things you love to do?

Understanding Astrology Transits In Our 30s and 40s

Embrace the changes that the planets have in store for you.

Supplements: Why, When and How

Confused if you should be taking supplements this winter? Let's fix that.

Charlotte Tooth on Meeting Somebody Where They’re At

"The Barre Burn classes on Wanderlust TV can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety: i…

Ravi Dixit: Not Adding Our Own Spices to the Practice

"We are all spiritual warriors having to deal with everyday life."

Misha Patel: The Practice Does The Work

When we feel we are able to reflect on anything that comes up and be thankful for the experi…

Yoga for Self-Love: Philosophy, Asanas, and a Heart-Centered Sequence

Briana Ottinger shares how the study of yogic theory and asana helped her on her self-love j…

Meet Mariel Witmond: Yoga Brought Me Home

I think the best teachers will always be the most dedicated students.

Katarina Rayburn: You Don’t Have to Be a Certain Way to Start Yoga

Making time to get on your mat is an achievement regardless of what happens.