Find Your True North

For over a decade, we have been a leader in the conscious living movement, serving a vibrant, active community of seekers passionate about finding their best selves – finding their true north.

Find Your True North
Live Your Best Life Mindfully
Explore the exciting world of mindful drinking with us and our partner Bacardi-Martini, and adopt a more mindful approach to your routine, decisions you make, and live your best life while drinking mindfully all year round, not just for Dry January.
Watch mindful teachers and thoughtful leaders guide you on the path to your true north.
Dive into wisdom and inspiration brought to you by our community guides from all over the world.
The Mindful Drinking Game Plan You Need to Know

It feels great to know that you’re making choices that serve you well.

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5 Mindful Drinking Tips From Mira Manek

Your mindful drinking starts with feeling good and staying in that moment. 

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Changing the Conversation with Yourself

The talk that is worth having.

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How To Be a Mindful Drinker: Put the Planet First

Caring about mother nature can come hand in hand with drinking mindful cocktails

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Ritualism of Mindful Drinking to Embrace This January

It’s about the little things that add to the bigger picture of your drinking habits.

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6 Mindful Drinking Tips from Hannah Barrett

The principles of yoga, Ahimsa and Satya, are here to help you become more mindful about you…

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Top 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreats To Find Your Inner Peace

Step back from the day-to-day demands of life and "re-treat" yourself.

How to Change Your Life for Good

Mindfulness is the key to achieving your goals.

By Holstee
10 Mindful Resolutions That Actually Might Change Your Life

Resolutions are about self-improvement right? - Wrong!

The Case for A Lifestyle Overhaul

New research suggests a total lifestyle overhaul is a more efficient route to success than c…

How To Set Your New Year Intentions

Goals can be stifling; intentions set us free to be our best selves. Renowned yoga teacher J…

5 Ways to Become More Mindful About Money

Our feelings about money can reveal deeper emotional and spiritual tendencies.

By Sonima
To Be the Author of One’s Life

Understanding that you have the power to author your own past as well as your future allows …

Ease into Tomorrow

With ease, life becomes very real.

Not Just for Kids: Hobbies for Life Balance

Why is it so difficult to make time for the things you love to do?

Sex Coach Cara Kovacs on How to Mindfully Date

You carefully consider what you put in your body, how you exercise, and the impact your acti…

6 Top Tips for Going Vegan

So, you want to go vegan? Not an unusual step given our growing interest in all things plant-based

Mindful Attention Is the Key to Mastering Self-Control

Overcome temptation and make better choices with this mindful practice.

5 Vegan Breakfasts to Make You a Morning Person

Shout-out to all our non-morning yogis out there—we double dare you not to get out of bed fo…

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Recipe: Vegan Sweet Potato Biscuits

Please your inner southerner with this vegan twist on classic biscuits.

Vegan Cauliflower Lentil Tacos With Fresh Guacamole

Celebrity Chef Jason Wrobel serves up some mindful Mexican with lentil tacos.

Recipe: Paleo and Vegan Seven-Layer Dip

A seven-layer dip that's vegan and paleo?? Grab the chips—this isn't a dream.

3 Practical Tips for Bringing Joy Back Into Eating

Food doesn't have to be frustrating. Follow these tips to develop a healthier, more mindful …

Understanding Astrology Transits In Our 30s and 40s

Embrace the changes that the planets have in store for you.

Essential Oils for the Winter Blues

Winter Blues... or feeling unusually sad is not uncommon in the winter months. Incorporating…

7 Everyday Yoga Habits To Implement Off The Mat

Through my own yoga practice, I have come to realise that living the real yogi’s life is THE…

Say Yes to Life: The Power of Words

How journaling can help uncover what you really want.

Supplements: Why, When and How

Confused if you should be taking supplements this winter? Let's fix that.

The Art of Wintering

Make the most of what the winter season is for.

Charlotte Tooth: the Importance of Meeting Somebody Where They Are At

I always advocate the benefits of training on mental health within my classes.

Ravi Dixit: Not Adding Our Own Spices to the Practice

"We are all spiritual warriors having to deal with everyday life."

Misha Patel: The Practice Does The Work

When we feel we are able to reflect on anything that comes up and be thankful for the experi…

Meet Mariel Witmond: Yoga Brought Me Home

I think the best teachers will always be the most dedicated students.

Go Green: Your Guide to Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel helps you support the Earth while nurturing your wanderlust.

Katarina Rayburn: You Don’t Have to Be a Certain Way to Start Yoga

Making time to get on your mat is an achievement regardless of what happens.

What We Need More Than Trees

A world of appreciation.

Top Zero Waste Grocery Stores in London

Big cities are often seen as epicentres of all things wasteful and mass consumerism and whil…

It’s time to look up: How to do London without the smartphone

Be a smarter traveller, without having to rely on a smartphone. Does your Fear Of Missing Ou…

Don’t know how to reduce your carbon footprint and become a sustainable commuter? London has an answer.

With so many different ways to reduce your carbon footprint, it's never been easier to consi…

A Modern-Day Approach to Gratitude

How to live life with an open, thankful heart even when things don't necessarily go as planned.