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Our community is constantly looking for the right tools—the right routine, the right nutrition, the right mindset—to live active, energized lives. Together with adidas, we collected tips, recipes, and advice from Wanderlust 108 yoga teachers and run leaders on how they operate at their peak performance every day. Dive in! And discover the formula that fuels your journey. 
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Bedtime Ritual

I swear by a hot shower before bed.

Not only does it feel fantastic to wash away the day and slip into clean sheets, but it adjusts your core temperature so you’re ready to wind down by the time you hit the sack.

Jennifer Hellickson

My favorite way to wind down is simple and a little bit luxurious.

The first step is to soften the lighting and turn on my salt rock lamps in my bedroom.

I’ll diffuse some of my favorite essential oils: Amrita’s Spiritual Awakening (Mysore Sandalwood, Frankincense & Atlas Cedar) if I need to feel more grounded, Enfleurage’s Wild Lavender if I need to calm my nerves, or Healing of the Heart (lavender and rose) by Kate’s Magik if I want my bedroom to simply smell lovely…

Cat Acquaviva

I put the electronics away.

I like to really wind down with a book in hopes to shut off my mind, removing the daily stresses.

Christine Abramo

Sadly it’s social media. Haha.

That said, I always make time to properly clean up my face and use a natural oil for my skin.

I love going to bed with a clean and glowing face and really see the results the next morning.

I have a few products I rotate between.

Currently I’m in love with using Nuori foaming cleanser, and Indie Lee facial oil or Mountain Rose Herbs Wild Rose facial oil.

Aarona Ganesan

I tend to listen to classical music on my headphones before I go to sleep.

I also repeat to myself “I am sleeping. I am sleeping,” until I fall asleep.

Rina Jakubowicz

My two dogs are my running buddies and also a big part of bringing me peace even through the stressful days.

At the end of the day each day, I feed them their dinner, massage their heads, and take them for a peaceful walk.

Nadia Ruiz

Take a bubblebath.

Drink a cup of chamomile tea.

Read for 30 minutes.


I’ve been doing this for the past year.

Feels luxurious and really restful.

Mary Beth LaRue

Journaling helps free my mind of any lingering thoughts and feelings.

The act of writing my emotions out on paper is quite cathartic.

The less running through your mind the easier you’ll drift off to sleep.

MacKenzie Miller

If I have time, I love taking baths before heading to bed.

The warm water results in increased body temperature, which helps me fall asleep faster.

Baths are very relaxing!

Jane Mellors

I love to wind down before bed with a cup of hot tea.

I find that the warm water really relaxes me and if I want a good night’s sleep, I’ll go for Sleepytime Vanilla.

My other favorites are caffeine-free rooibos chai or turmeric tea.

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and I think now it feels like a treat at the end of the day.

Jen Elliott

I always make a giant glass (big mason jar) of tea.

My favorites are ginger, lemon, or mint. I sip it while cuddling my puppy on the couch.

About 30 minutes before bed I put my phone on silent and away for the night.

It works for me because I am usually on the go, go, go all day and this lets me wind down slowly.

Gina DiCello

I usually wind down with some yoga. This works because it helps me to calm down from the hectic nature of the day and lets my body know it’s time for bed. Every night is a little different, and sometimes I stretch for half an hour while others I’ll just take some time to breathe in a few key poses. I try to listen to my body and see what I need at that particular moment.

Ann Mazur

I have one rule: After I brush my teeth and wash my face, no more computers or social media.

This gives me a chance to reminisce on my day as opposed to everyone else’s.

As a blogger, vlogger, and someone who loves connecting with people, I save that for the day time.

The 20 minutes before bed are mine. I sometimes read a chapter of a book, too.

Alli Forsythe

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