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Film I Re-Watch

I can say that there aren’t many films that I watch repeatedly, but I recently saw a film for the second time and loved it just as much as the first.

Chef, written, produced, directed, and starring Jon Favreau, is all­ parts things I love: a celebration of food, music, culture, relationships and letting your passion lead you in life.

It’s really charming, and will leave you craving a masterfully crafted grilled cheese. No joke.

Cat Acquaviva

I Heart Huckabees.

I love how clever it is and it makes me think and laugh. It’s written so well and explains the process to the self and of yoga in a modern yet creative approach. It’s brilliant!

Rina Jakubowicz

The Notebook — a true fairy tale that tells how love can be possible till the day we die.

Nadia Ruiz

My go to, get-me-outta-a-bad-mood movie, is Dirty Dancing. I’ve been watching it since I was little and it just makes me smile. I also know every word of dialogue.

Mary Beth LaRue

Miss Congeniality. It’s a movie full of heart and laughter.

Sandra Bullock plays a fearless female not afraid to stand up to anyone.

She does what she believes is right, even if it means opening herself up to a vulnerable situation.

Alli Forsythe

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