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Our community is constantly looking for the right tools—the right routine, the right nutrition, the right mindset—to live active, energized lives. Together with adidas, we collected tips, recipes, and advice from Wanderlust 108 yoga teachers and run leaders on how they operate at their peak performance every day. Dive in! And discover the formula that fuels your journey. 
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Mary Beth LaRue’s Fuel Formula

During my journey of teaching yoga for almost a decade, I’ve traveled the world teaching professional cyclists, shared a stage with Michael Franti and even designed custom yoga programs for rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. I've taught at multiple Wanderlust Festivals, created an online program for Yoga Journal and got certified in life coaching from Martha Beck.

Bedtime Ritual

Take a bubblebath.

Drink a cup of chamomile tea.

Read for 30 minutes.


I’ve been doing this for the past year.

Feels luxurious and really restful.

Book I Re-Read

Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi

The book is so down to earth and applicable. Beautiful writing.

Film I Re-Watch

My go to, get-me-outta-a-bad-mood movie, is Dirty Dancing. I’ve been watching it since I was little and it just makes me smile. I also know every word of dialogue.

Health "Secret" Everyone Should Know

Good sleep is oh-so-important.

I try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night and take magnesium before bed for restful sleep and amazing digestion.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol for the best slumber ever.

How I Jumpstart My Day

Wake up. Stretch.

Short 5-10 minute meditation, usually with my English bulldog Rosy snoring on my lap.

Make a huge tea (loving green tea kombucha right now).

Wait at least 30 minutes before I check emails or social media. I keep my phone out of my bedroom at night for this reason.

I’ve been doing this for about six months.

I love starting my day with intention and possibility rather than relying on habits to get me through my day.

Mantra When Life Gets Tough

Happiness equals reality minus expectations.

I love this because it reminds us to drop our expectations moment to moment and embrace how good life really is.

Morning Yoga Sequence

• Child’s Pose

• Cow Pose back to Child’s Pose (5 times)

• Downward-facing Dog (pedaling out legs)

• Anjaneyasana with fingers interlaced and palms facing up then side bend

• Ardha Hanumanasana

• Lizard

• Bridge

• Wheel

• Supine Twist

• 2 minutes of breath work at the end

Most Important Yoga Advice

Focus on how you feel, not on the perfection of the practice.

This practice is about embodiment and intention, not about “nailing” the perfect posture.

This advice has allowed me to drop into my practice, let it unfold, and has freed me to be creative and unique.

Smoothie of Choice


• 1 scoop of SFH protein powder

• Spirulina

• Chia seeds

• Flax seeds

• 1 tbsp of almond butter

• 1 handful of spinach

• Frozen dark cherries

Blend and enjoy!

Dream Superpower

To fly really, really fast so I’m able to experience flying, but also make it wherever I need to be quickly! (Like the other coast to see my little brother!)

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