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Our community is constantly looking for the right tools—the right routine, the right nutrition, the right mindset—to live active, energized lives. Together with adidas, we collected tips, recipes, and advice from Wanderlust 108 yoga teachers and run leaders on how they operate at their peak performance every day. Dive in! And discover the formula that fuels your journey. 
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Ann Mazur’s Fuel Formula

Ann Mazur is an elite runner and founder of Runners Love Yoga, which aims to bring yoga to the running community. Ann ran varsity track and cross country runner for the University of Notre Dame, and has continued to pursue her running career post-collegiately. She is currently a lecturer of English at the University of Virginia, where she also teaches yoga.

Advice for Avoiding Injuries

Listen to your body! It will give you A LOT of accurate feedback. Pay attention to how you’re feeling on any specific day or week and adjust your training plan accordingly. Take little walking breaks or otherwise move around a bit if you’re stuck at a desk or seated much of the day.

Bedtime Ritual

I usually wind down with some yoga. This works because it helps me to calm down from the hectic nature of the day and lets my body know it’s time for bed. Every night is a little different, and sometimes I stretch for half an hour while others I’ll just take some time to breathe in a few key poses. I try to listen to my body and see what I need at that particular moment.

Book I Re-Read

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Besides being one of my favorite books to teach, it’s also the rare book that I actually enjoy rereading! Otherwise, there are too many books and too little time to spending on the same one over and over.

Finding Healthy Balance in Life

Make time for yourself and do NOT feel guilty about it. Life is short so you might as well take care of yourself and let yourself do what you want to do, if possible. If you really want to do something badly enough, you’ll make time to do it.

Prioritize. If you can do a task right away to knock it off your list, then do it.

Do one thing at a time and give it your full attention.

Health "Secret" Everyone Should Know

Take an iron supplement and eat hamburgers! I could go on and on about this, but it’s easier to send you to a past blog post I wrote. Share this with your running friends! Friends don’t let friends become iron deficient.

How I Jumpstart My Day

Nearly every morning for breakfast, I make a pumpkin mugcake. The recipe offers endless variation, and somehow I’m not tired of them yet! After my mugcake and some coffee I am ready to interact with the world.

• 1/2 cup organic oats
• 1 tbsp coconut flour
• 1 tsp. baking powder
• 2-3 tbsp. canned organic pumpkin
• 8 tbsp. egg whites
• For topping: peanut butter, chocolate chips
• Optional: yogurt or milk, cinnamon, matcha powder, cocoa powder, almond slivers, etc.

Grab your blender or food processor…

I Was Truly Challenged When...

Honestly, life is hard. I think it’s important to BE challenged (otherwise life would be awfully boring), but of course “challenge” can be defined very differently depending on context. A marathon is a physical challenge. Races are physically challenging. Teaching four classes in a row is sometimes physically challenging even if it is also quite enjoyable at the same time. Other things are mentally challenging. Applying for a graduate program is not an easy task, nor is completing a dissertation. These are the kinds of challenges that shape who you are.

Finally, we have emotional and spiritual challenges…

Mantra When Life Gets Tough

Rarely are you going to find a “one size fits all” mantra that covers every tough situation.

I think a better approach is just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

It’s far more important to rely on a deep-seated self-confidence and belief that you are, in fact, awesome, than to rely on a set of specific words. Find something about you that makes you feel proud and awesome, and use that to accomplish other goals.

Most Important Running Advice

Be patient. Progress doesn’t happen in a straight upward trajectory, but if you persevere long enough, you’ll start to see results.

Figure out what works for you because it might not at all be what works for everyone else. (Example: I run an average of 30 miles per week—other runners have literally laughed at me for this being so low, but I’ve PRed in everything from the mile to the marathon on this plan.)

Dream Superpower

Communicating / Swimming with dolphins.

(This is more interesting than just flying, even though that would be fun too, or being invisible, which would probably get very old very quickly.)

Training Routine for Beginning Runners

Don’t start off super gung-ho and run mileage you’re unused to every single day. Utilize cross-training and yoga so you’re not suddenly running all the time—that’s a recipe for injury.

The golden rule is to not increase mileage by more than 10% per week, though if you’re just starting out and have some kind of aerobic base, you’re probably fine beginning with 20 miles per week or so.

Make sure you’ve got the basics covered, like good shoes—go to a specialty running store where someone will actually watch you run in the shoes—and recovery tools like a foam roller and yoga.

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