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Our community is constantly looking for the right tools—the right routine, the right nutrition, the right mindset—to live active, energized lives. Together with adidas, we collected tips, recipes, and advice from Wanderlust 108 yoga teachers and run leaders on how they operate at their peak performance every day. Dive in! And discover the formula that fuels your journey. 
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Faith Hunter’s Fuel Formula

Meet Faith Hunter, New York City based Yoga instructor, global traveler, & Lifestylist, sprinkled with a dash of Louisiana charm. Faith began her life long love affair with yoga in the early 90s as a way to cope as her beloved brother Michael was dying from a complication related to AIDS. Through meditation and mindfulness Faith was able to release her fears and experience an awakening from within. From that day forward, she committed herself to sharing these practices with the world.

Advice for Avoiding Injuries

My advice for avoiding injuries is to stay aware and mindful during your yoga practice (challenge yourself, but don’t overdo it), incorporate restorative yoga into your weekly flow of activities, and get a massage at least once a month.

Best Life Advice I've Received

The best advice I’ve ever received is “get your education, play, and follow your dreams.”

My dad gave me this advice a few months before graduating from high school.

How I Jumpstart My Day

My favorite way to jump start the day is to take a few minutes before I roll out of bed and silently acknowledge the blessings in my life and express gratitude for my amazing life.

After that, I have a 5-10 minute snuggle session with my dogs Sebastian and Yoshi (2 lovable Shih Tzus).

I Feel Powerful When...

The one thing that makes me feel powerful is moving my body to great music…dancing makes me feel alive and strong.

Mantra When Life Gets Tough

You are Divine!

This came from a time of a very toxic relationship where I began to disconnect from my power center and true self.

I placed this mantra on my bathroom mirror the day after I left the relationship and moved into my new place.

Over four years later, I still use it as a reminder to my divine qualities.

On-the-Go Snack

My favorite on-the-go snacks include: A green apple, almonds, raisins, dark chocolate, and bottle of water.

Smoothie of Choice


• 1 banana

• 3-4 strawberries

• ½ a green apple

• A handful of spinach or kale

• ½ cup yogurt

• ½ cup blueberries

• OJ or coconut milk to desired consistency

Spice Up Your Yoga Routine

The way I spice up my yoga practice is by listening to a new playlist I’ve created, or joining a friend at a yoga studio.

I mostly practice at home, so it’s always exciting to practice in a different location.

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