Become a Wanderlust Wayfarer

Love Wanderlust so much you’re shouting it from the rooftops? (We do too!) We’re searching for Wayfarers for 2021 and beyond. Wayfarers are our brand ambassadors: leaders in their local communities who champion the Wanderlust brand and exemplify our mission both in person and online.


What does it take to be a Wayfarer?
You are outgoing, positive and are connected IRL and in social media. You’re mindful, a little mystical, and are familiar with Wanderlust events and products. Most of all, you’re active in your local yoga and meditation community.

What does a Wayfarer do?
As a Wayfarer, you’ll share Wanderlust content on your social media channels, contribute to Wanderlust social channels, and gather your friends to attend our events. On site, you’ll be an integral part of making our attendees feel stoked to be there.

What does a Wayfarer get?
We’re glad you asked. Wayfarers get complimentary tickets, some tickets to give away to other influential members of your community, plus a general discount code to share. You’ll also earn a commission on the tickets you sell, which you can also redeem for Wanderlust tickets or swag. Oh, and expect us to show you lots of love on our website, email, and social media channels.