Wanderlust vending takes place in the Kula Market, the center of the Wanderlust experience.  The market will offer food, live music, pop up performances and more. The Kula Market is open to the general public as well as Wanderlust attendees.

In 2021, our sole event is Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn, which takes place in Prospect Park on September 12, 2021. The event has run for the last year, and has always attracted 5,000 – 8,000 attendees (this year, due to Covid, we may be smaller, but the minimum will be 3,000). Craft booths start at $500, and food booths are $200 ($400 deposit, less a $200 refund on site).


Wanderlust seeks high-quality craft vendors of all kinds, with a special focus on sustainably and ethically made products from around the world. The Kula Market will host artisans, jewelry makers, designers, and health and wellness professionals who share their unique products and services with the Wanderlust community.

We look for high-quality artisans with specialties such as:

  • Yoga accessories
  • Handmade jewelry
  • One-of-a-kind clothing
  • Small-batch bath and beauty products

We also include highly-curated import stores and non-profits. Our guests are predominantly adult women (though we have an increasing number of men), and they’re highly educated and passionate about health, wellness, and conscious living. For more information about the vending in the Kula Market, check out our Vendor Guide.

Become a Craft Vendor at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn


Wanderlust loves (and needs) great food vendors, particularly those who specialize in locally grown, organic foods that our guests crave. Kale salads, buddha bowls, grass-fed burgers, and wood fired pizza are favorites, and we love vendors with a special focus on gluten-free, raw, and seasonal foods.

New for 2021, we’re including meal tickets for both breakfast and lunch with our Premium tickets at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn. You can accept our tickets, and we’ll compensate you for what you’ve accepted at the end of the event. We’ll also survey our attendees before the event so you’ll know the guaranteed minimum that you’ll sell for the day, helping with food costs and proper staffing. Booths cost only $200 ($400 is payable in advance, but $200 will be refunded at the event if you vend).

If you make food that’s healthful, unique and incredibly tasty, please apply now.

Become a Food Vendor at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn


For both craft and food vendors, we are looking for businesses like us:  honest-to-goodness small businesses. Wanderlust is a B-Corp, by the way, and support local businesses (and B-Corps get 20% off, t00).  Being a small business means:

  • You have no more than one permanent retail location
  • You have annual sales of $1mm or less
  • You have fewer than 10 employees
  • You do not have national distribution

Too big to be considered a vendor?

Please reach out to to discuss sponsorship opportunities.