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At siggi’s we make yogurts with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. Our products are based on Scandinavian dairy traditions, such as skyr, the traditional Icelandic yogurt. Our products don’t contain any of those dreadful artificial sweeteners. We only use milk from family farms who do not use growth hormones like rBST.

Recipe: Broiled Cinnamon Grapefruit With Yogurt and Pistachios


Whether it’s a morning or midnight snack, this yogurt-topped broiled grapefruit is guaranteed to satisfy.

Recipe: Roasted Portobello Salad With Yogurt-Dill Dressing


Celebrate the flavors of spring with warm portobellos, spicy arugula, and our favorite lemon and dill yogurt-based dressing.

Recipe: Kale, Lentil, and Butternut Squash Salad with Yogurt-Avocado Dressing


Experience a whammy of nutrition and flavor with a superfood-filled salad, all topped with creamy avocado and yogurt dressing.

Recipe: Turmeric Ginger Mango Lassi


Cool down your summer with this gently spiced, yogurt-based mango lassi.

Recipe: Strawberry Coconut Chia Smoothie


Coconut oil and chia seeds make this smoothie a health powerhouse.

Simple + Fresh: Cleansing Cilantro Oregano Pesto


Full of nourishing ingredients, this cilantro-based pesto makes for a perfect addition your summertime spread.

Recipe: Healing Butternut Squash Soup


Nourishing and full of essential nutrients, this butternut squash soup is the ultimate food medicine.

Recipe: Fully Loaded Peach-Vanilla Chia Pudding Pots


Full of protein and “good for you” fats, these peach-vanilla chia pudding cups are great to keep on hand for some split-second fuel.

Recipe: Gluten-Free Raspberry and Passion Fruit Tarts


These tropical treats are guaranteed to delight the senses.

Recipe: Gluten-Free Zesty Orange and Polenta Muffins


These polenta muffins are bursting with protein and fresh orange flavor, making them an ideal pre or post-flow snack.