Namaste, meet Aloha.

Wanderlust exists to help you find your true north. True north is not a final destination: it’s an unfolding, an impetus to go deeper. We hand-select world-renowned guides to light your path to exploration and discovery.

Expansion starts at sunrise with oceanside yoga. Then, invigorate your mind with cutting-edge talks, indulge in freshly-picked island cuisine, catch a wave in Waimea Bay, and lose yourself in the pulse of a starlit dance party … and that’s just day one. Wanderlust Oahu serves up countless ways to harness what the Hawai’ians call ‘mana’: the power of elemental forces. Which adventure will you awaken to tomorrow?

Choose your own adventure with multi-level yoga and meditation sessions, mouthwatering organic foods, heart-pumping music, inspiring lectures and workshops, and boundary-pushing outdoor activities. Find your true north.  

What to Expect

From the moment you step foot on this northernmost point of O’ahu, you feel the energy: the trade winds, the pulsating waves, and the verdant landscape with its lush, floral aroma all collaborate to beguile. Turtle Bay Resort sits between two breathtaking coves, where surfers have for decades been chasing the perfect wave. Today, it is a place for seekers on a different type of quest. When Wanderlust Festival alit upon the North Shore five years ago, the spirit of aloha became infused with the essence of namaste, and a new yogic mecca was born.

When you unroll your mat at Wanderlust O’ahu, you practice with some of the world’s most beloved teachers, moving with the rhythm of the surf caressing Kuilima Point. But there may be days where your mat, in fact, never unfurls because you were pounding the sand on a beachside trail run, strumming a ukulele for the first time, and cruising to Kawela Bay for a Stand Up Paddleboard yoga session. Sunset suggests it’s time to indulge in ‘farm fresh’ with a Pacific twist, then as the stars reveal themselves, that’s your cue for mingling and melding with the beats of Wanderlust’s late night musical escapades.