Meet Jaysea Devoe: 14-Year-Old Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur

Don’t doubt your ability because of your age; finding your bliss is a gift whenever you come to it.

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As yoga has expanded into all corners of our culture, the practice has evolved. In a modern yoga studio, students span a wide spectrum of ages and ethnicities—and so do the teachers. One such face in modern yoga is 14-year-old Jaysea Devoe from Encinitas, California. Jaysea began teaching yoga at 12 years old and has since developed her student base at Bergamot Spa, where she teaches yogis from age 4 to 60.

Like many modern instructors, Jaysea has begun to diversify into other arenas. Her brand, SeaVibes, includes her style of teaching as well as an online store for clothing and jewelry she has made herself. In addition, she’s a brand ambassador with Sanuk and collaborates with charitable organizations including One Love Movement and Children Mending Hearts.

Jaysea’s work is inspired by the ocean, which she says has been a source of gratitude and power all her life. Her family has always held the ocean at its center, and paddleboarding, surfing, and kayaking (to name a few!) are among Jaysea’s favorite off-the-mat activities. In fact, she’s also one of the youngest certified stand up paddleboard yoga instructors in the world, and even shared her joy teaching at Wanderlust O’ahu this year. And it is indeed pure joy that comes through when Jaysea talks about her love of yoga, teaching, and the ocean.

Jaysea inspires people to pursue their passions at any time in life. As her journey continues and her teaching career builds momentum, it is her passion that gets her through busy or difficult days. Whether that means time immersed in the sea or on her mat, her practice keeps her grounded and ready to offer her bright spirit to the world.