Bring the Ocean into Your Practice

Let your mind calm like the sea. Let your body move with the fluidity of the waves.

This is part of our Yoga for Teens, by Teens series with Jaysea Devoe.
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The ocean inspires me, the way it’s always changing, moving in different directions, its fluid nature. For my personal practice, the ocean has a huge role in the way I think, flow, and teach. That is why I incorporate it into my yoga, which I call SeaVibes Yoga. As yogis and humans, when we encourage the ocean’s influence into our practice and our daily lives, we awaken a source of gratitude.

My favorite part of traveling is seeing this beautiful world. I love to visit all of the different parts of the ocean and coastal areas. For my family, the ocean provides for us. Our whole lives revolve around it. Surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, boating, diving, fishing—these are just a few of the joys the ocean brings. I was brought up with a sense gratitude for the sea, and I incorporate my thanks for the sea in my practice.

If you have a yoga practice at home, try to add a few elements relating to the ocean and see how it affects you. Often in meditation the mind wanders—intend to be like a calm sea. In asana practice, muscles can be stiff, but when you surrender and breathe into the pose you tap into the ocean’s fluidity.

In your daily life, the ocean can inspire you through difficult times. The ocean is not always smooth and glassy; it can be rough and stormy. Yet, it always finds a way to return to its gentle, relaxing state. Next time you are stressed, take a few breaths and look over the situation. Try to find your way back to your relaxing state. You will do your best when your mind is a clear, calm ocean.

When I am overwhelmed, I go into the ocean to clear my mind.  The vast ocean covers all cultures and places. Each part has characteristics that make it unique. The salt water washes everything off and gives you a fresh start.

“There is something frightening, and magical, about being on the ocean, moving between the heavens and the earth knowing that you can encounter anything on your journey.” ~ Lynne Cox