Transformation Staycation.

From the Golden Gates to the peak of Mount Tam, the city by the Bay offers breathtaking views, diverse landscapes, and thriving culture—welcoming folks from all walks of life with open arms. That’s what makes San Francisco a perfect place for our ALL NEW 2-day festival tour.

Join us in one of the city’s many treasures, Golden Gate Park. Lauded for its airy gardens, calm lakes, and open fields, step into the park and you’ll forget you’re in the heart of a major city. After you’ve spent a day with us running, flowing, relaxing, and making new friends, you’ll want to stick around to walk the hilly streets, peruse shops, and treat yourself to some fresh sourdough bread on the wharf. Whether you call San Francisco home, or it’s your “om away from home” for the weekend, it’s the ideal backdrop for a transformative experience.



Yoga & Meditation Programs

Whether savasana is your spirit pose or you like a dose of the strong and sweaty stuff, our yoga program has you covered. Wanderlust offers classes for all levels and styles, from first-timers to seasoned veterans. Where else could you pick and choose between invigorating vinyasa flow, relaxing yin classes, musical meditation walks, or gentle swinging in an aerial yoga hammock? Whether you flow or just go slow, you’ll learn from the world’s best.



Headliners, New Artists and Beyond

Music is the heartbeat of Wanderlust Festival. You’ll feel the pulse in the subtle spinning of a brilliant DJ and in the sweet rhythms of our sound-bath meditations. Whatever your taste, live music at Wanderlust will leave you with new favorites for practice and party alike.



Runs, Fitness Classes & More

After you’ve gotten grounded in yoga class, it’s time to pick up the pace. Get your dose of nature on our liberating group runs and then head to the fitness studio for heart-pounding HIIT, pilates and barre classes to round out your workout. Discover your new favorite fitness class and get ready to get a little sweaty.



Speakeasy Talks

When was the last time an idea lit you up? Welcome to Wanderlust’s Speakeasy, where the inspiring ideas of diverse thought leaders find their voice. Our intimate and informal lecture series covers everything from holistic health to environmental action, from personal transformation to citizen engagement—the topics that matter most to our conscious community.



Local & Sustainable Foods

After a long day of feeding your soul, you’ll need some healthy sustenance for your body. Our handpicked local food vendors offer quick and healthy fare as you navigate your way from class to class. Grab a freshly made acai bowl or a craft kombucha and take some time to relax and make some new friends.

Find your true north.