The 5 Wanderlust Commandments

Today, I began my wanderlust journey, setting a weekend-long intention to be open to the new adventures that…

Today, I began my wanderlust journey, setting a weekend-long intention to be open to the new adventures that awaited me. I rolled into the festival this morning shaking my jetlag as quickly as you wanderlusters were shaking off last night’s dance party. Alert and energized, I joined  500+ people for Seane Corne’s Chakra Yoga: Exploring the Mind-Body-Heart Connection.

For everyone in Seane’s class – a big thanks for surrounding me with your festival flow energy and yogi love. Buried deeply in the metaphorical heart of the room, I fed off the vitality, hugs, and high-fives that encompass the unique secret handshake of the Wanderlust family. And then just as Seane transitioned the class from meditation to downward dog, it hit me: I had arrived on my mat but my hair tie had not. The recovering ballerina in me wondered how I could manage the next 90 minutes without it.

Wanderlust is about getting out of your comfort zone. It took one look at Seane’s free flowing luscious locks to know that I could embrace my long, albeit unruly hair and still tap into my mind-body-heart connection. My hair flowing in the mountain wind, I felt the fear of the unknown dissipating and breaking down the walls of my engrained habits. Not only did I hear the room full of yogis chanting om in rounds, I felt oms in a whirlwind as my hair whipped around me. I lost the ability to discern wind from the breath of my fellow yogis. As Seane instructed to honor the world as it appears right in front of you, I smiled, seeing little past the hair in my face.

I left class with a new resolution: to let my hair down literally and figuratively. As we open our hearts, we open ourselves to expand into the unknown and unlimited growth opportunities. Staying true to ourselves, how can we step up to the challenge of living our life in a more free flowing way? At Wanderlust the ideas are endless.

Seane Corne references her non-negotiables, daily tenets such as yoga, sleep, and prayer that guide her on life’s journey. I have created my own Wanderlust non-negotiables going forward for the weekend and beyond.

  1. Go with the flow
  2. Show up and be present
  3. Accept the unknown
  4. Spread smiles
  5. Keep things light

What will your Wanderlust commandments be?

camCameron Cler began practicing yoga to elevate her flexibility and endurance for ballet, but soon the physical practice became like a way of life, complete with spiritual growth, mental flexibility and emotional acceptance. Now, the financial consultant and constant traveler is also a registered yoga teacher in San Francisco, who channels her inner yogi to mitigate the stress of working in the corporate world and of life in general. Her passion is cultivating wellness and sharing travel stories, yoga poses, healthy recipes, wellness apps, good books and restaurant recommendations with her friends, family and students.