Seamus Mullen’s Avocado Kale Protein Smoothie

Stay fueled for an active day with this healthy blend of avocado, kale, ginger, apple, parsley, protein powder, and coconut water

Award-winning chef Seamus Mullen knows the value of eating real, whole foods to fuel an active lifestyle. Not only is he an avid cyclist and yogi, but he also used food to heal himself from a crippling autoimmune disease. In this series — Eat to Move — he shares nutrition tips and an enriching array of recipes that combine plant-based ingredients that #GOTOGETHER in unusual and delicious ways. See all recipes »

I believe strongly in the three pillars of health: eat, move, sleep.  Whether I’m preparing for a long day in the kitchen, a busy day of meetings or a hard workout, I start with an easy and quick meal that will set my metabolism up for success for the day ahead. That means plenty of vegetables, preferably dark cruciferous ones, some good fat and if I’m working hard, slow-burning and healthy carbs. One delicious way I like to start my day is with a quick and easy smoothie like this one:


2 ripe avocados
1 bunch tuscan kale
1 knob ginger
1 bunch parsley
1 apple
2 scoops Kashi GOLEAN™ Plant-Powered Shake (Original Inspiration™)
3 cups coconut water
1 tbsp coconut oil
½ teaspoon sea salt


In a powerful blender combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Add a few cubes of ice to chill. Add more coconut water for a thinner consistency.


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seamusSeamus Mullen
Executive Chef at Wanderlust Hollywood

Seamus Mullen is an award-winning New York chef, restaurateur and cookbook author known for his inventive yet approachable Spanish cuisine, and a leading authority on health and wellness. An avid cyclist who raced competitively in his twenties, he was diagnosed in 2007 with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that forced him to rethink his relationship with food, and led to his first cookbook Hero Food, published in 2012. Learn more about Seamus »