Quiz: Planning Your Perfect Yoga Festival

Fitness Forward or Focused Foodie? Use this quiz to help you hone in on your perfect yoga festival experience.

Planning your perfect yoga festival feels a lot like planning your class schedule in college. There are so many things you want to try and some you haven’t even heard of before. There are parties to catch and people to meet.  And the campus is so huge and you’re not sure you can get from point A to B in time, and although you’re there to learn, grow and challenge yourself, you also want to have some fun while you’re at it.

Welcome to the yoga festival experience.

Rather than trying to tackle it all, your experience will be infinitely more enjoyable if you zero in on what motivates your bod and moves your soul the most. Check out this quiz to see which type of yoga festival goer you are, and prepare your perfect festival schedule.

1. When it comes to accommodations:

A) Anything is good as long as it’s near the running trails
B) I’ve got a tent, a sleeping bag, and the will to weather any storm.
C) I’m all about the action during the day, but need a more secluded space to relax and recover at night.
D) Me and a few friends are going in on an AirBnB. It’ll be cramped, but cozy.
E) As long as there’s a fridge and stocked kitchen to cook in, I’m cool.

2. My friends describe me as:

A) Athletic and ambitious. I chase the horizon and my dreams. 
B) Wild and free. I make my own rules and love to live by them.
C) Calm and zen-tered. Focus is my fuel.
D) Social butterfly. I could make friends with a tree!
E) Culture queen. I’m all about art and food.

3. My goals for the festival are to:

A) Push myself to new physical and mental limits, maybe set a new PR
B) Find my edge of fear and lean in
C) Get to know myself better
D) Get to know others better
E) Discover clean, healthy recipes and maybe even break some (gluten-free) bread with a few new foodie friends

4.Which hashtag do you use the most? 

A) #Fitspo
B) #Epic
C) #Zen
D) #Party
E) #Nomnomnom

5. You have some downtime in between classes, what do you do?

A) Cram in another class, obviously
B) See if I can find anyone practicing acro, I’m ready to learn some new tricks
C) Find a quiet spot and catch some OMs
D) Strike up a conversation with other festival goers and start making plans for the night
E) See if I can squeeze in a matcha latte and maybe sample some Golden Milk 

6. Which mantra do you most align with?

A) Mind over body
B) Fly by the seat of your pants
C) Quiet mind, clear head
D) Life of the party
E) Eat good, feel good

7. When I leave a session at the festival I want to feel:

A) Like I was just in a fight gone wrong, i.e. drenched in sweat and gut wrenched
B) My heart beating through my chest, that was epic!
C) Tuned into my heart and my soul—hello self, we meet again.
D) Like I can’t stop smiling! Did I seriously just dance for 3 hours straight?
E) Amazed and enlightened at all the things you can do with turmeric!

8. Which of the following quotes gives you the feels?

A) “Suicide pace is the best pace. And today is a good day to die.” -Stephen Prefontaine
B) “There’s something really cool about getting scared. I don’t know what.” -Shane McConkey
C) “I long, as does every human, to be at home wherever I find myself.” –Maya Angelou
D) “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.” -Groucho Marx
E) “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” –BKS Iyengar

9. When I get on the plane to go home, I want to feel: 

A) Like jello. I worked hard and had a blast doing it.
B) Adrenal zonked. Time to refuel.
C) Like a new me.
D) The endorphins pumping.
E) Fully fueled. 

10. Which of the following excites you the most?

A) Trail running 10,000 feet up a mountain alongside a pack of other advanced runners
B) Handstands on a paddle board in the middle of a lake
C) A 15-minute rolling om with 200 other yogis
D) Throwing on some glow sticks and dancing your face off at a live concert
E) A traditional cacao ceremony complete with a drum circle, led by four chocolate connoisseurs

Mostly A’s: Fitness Forward

Yoga will always hold a special place in your heart, but you’re first an athlete, then a yogi. You lean on yoga to balance your insane, push-the-limits workout schedule. The thought of bombing trails and a day stacked with power flows make your athletic heart beat a little faster. Fill your day with some sweat-packed activities, but don’t burn yourself out too fast! Be sure and reward your body for all its sacrifices with a few juicy stretches and quiet yin classes.

Mostly B’s: Adrenaline Junkie

You live on the wild side and are not one to shy away from extreme activities. You’re the best kind of adventure pal to go to a yoga festival, because you won’t say no to much of anything! Stack your schedule with a few SUP courses, AcroYoga, and if you’re feeling adventurous, sprinkle in some kundalini classes to get your soul as amped up as your adrenal glands. Don’t forget to slow it down and mix things up with a few slow-paced, calmer classes.

Mostly C’s: Zen Mama

You have the kind of energy that draws people to you. Zen at heart, you know the path to true happiness is knowing thyself first and foremost. Do some research on the instructors at the festival and find a few who really speak to you and be sure to get there early so you can unfurl your mat with plenty of room to soak up the oms. You’ll also love the Speakeasies—inspiring talks from luminaries within the wellness industry. 

Mostly D’s: Prana Party

You, my friend, are the life of the party. You have your glow sticks ready, your concert outfits already picked out, and some body paint ready to roll. Stack your schedule with concerts (both the small and intimate type and the larger group ones), DJ pool party activities and maybe even a sake tasting. Let your hair down, dance your face off and never wipe that smile off! Just be sure and catch enough Zzz’s at night to be ready to tackle the next day!

Mostly E’s: Focused Foodie

You love all things yoga—especially the cuisine that often follows a yogi’s lifestyle. You’ve been known to dive into an online research hole on topics like gut healing, pre- versus pro-biotics, food fermentation, the miracles of apple cider vinegar and more. You’re fully prepared to keep it weird with some funky food rituals and excited about sampling many new pantry staples. Post up at the True North Café and settle in for some good jams and great noms and sign up some a few foodology-type classes to feed your foodie soul.

You can find these activities and more on the Wanderlust Festival lineup. Check out the schedule for each festival location and start booking your experience!