The Perfect Volunteer Activity for Your Astrological Sign

Find out how you can use your zodiac sign to benefit the world around you.

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In Astrology, our Zodiac Sign (a.k.a. your Sun Sign) describes your general personality. Learning about your Zodiac Sign can a powerful tool in deepening your knowledge to yourself and your intuition. By understanding yourself better, you can then find ways to direct that energy constructively so that it compliments your core. Working with what you have, rather than working against what you have, so to speak.

And while we’re being constructive, what better way to direct your energy than to use it for volunteer service. We spoke to tarot reader Helen Schmidt and listed out some volunteer options we felt would best serve each Zodiac Sign.


Ah, typical Aries with their unbridled enthusiasm, courage, and confidence. These qualities make Aries natural and non-egotistical leaders, and ultimately cement them as ideal candidates to spearhead their own philanthropic endeavors. Aries rules territory, which suggests that their enterprises will have a unique vision. All in all, we really see this sign more suited to start something, so we can count on them to create the organizations or nonprofits. Their intuitive nature also helps them in moments of indecision—crucial for any social entrepreneur.


Some might be frustrated with Taurus’ stubborn and cautious nature, but this sort of behavior is perfect for creating stability. Taurus rules security, which means they accumulate things very well. They make for excellent providers. Since they have a lot to offer these, a Taurus would be great at donating money or possessions to nonprofit organizations and volunteer programs. Alternatively, a Taurus might consider tutoring, as this is a time and place where patience and an eye-for-error truly comes in handy.


Geminis are known for their A-plus eagerness, sense of humor, and long-lasting friendships. Because of this, we totally peg Geminis as thriving in any situation involving the animal kingdom. Whether it’s working in an animal shelter or walking service dogs, a Gemini’s receptive and responsive nature comes in handy when you can’t rely on the English language to communicate.


Cancer rules family. Sensitive, kind, and slightly introverted, Cancer appreciates their time at home. In fact, they are so family oriented that you can count on them to make you feel at home wherever you might travel together. We have no doubt they would thrive at a volunteer organization that is centered around creating homes for families, like Habitat for Humanity.


Leo rules children. Bright, prideful, and generous, Leos understand the influential power of leadership while still understanding the value of play and spontaneity. This makes them excellent options for working with kids in a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. They’re able to lead with generosity, and their affectation for all things beautiful will transpire into inspiration for their “younger siblings.”


Known to find joy in helping others, there is little volunteer work a Virgo wouldn’t do well to explore. Their reliable, hardworking, and organized nature allow them to thrive in a structured environment where they are working for a larger picture. Furthermore, Virgos are extremely thoughtful and empathetic, making them ideal choices for programs that work with the elderly or small children. Their ability to “read a room” also enables them to work well with those who might not be able to voice their own needs.


These socially polite, elegant, and well-acquainted beings truly understand the game of diplomacy. Libra rules justice, so these peeps have a very special gift to see the balanced solution to any situation. They present life-restoring order and peace wherever they go, often without even realizing it. Libra’s balancing scales would benefit anything involving human rights. This could be simple as civil protesting to overseas volunteer efforts with the United Nations.


Emotionally sophisticated, private, and raw, these people do not skim the surface in life. They go far below the exterior seeking the truth and the root cause to any subtle changes in their environment. Scorpio rules regeneration, which makes them excellent healers as they can see what’s really behind the veil, and then find the right antidote for the cure. Scorps are great at offering their time around healing the sick, like at a hospital volunteer program, or working with those suffering from mental illness.


These adventurous souls are bold, open-minded, and wild. Sagittarius rules philosophy and education. They finalize their lessons through world travel, as they are typically pretty evidentialist. By seeing the truth for themselves, experiencing things first hand, and being shaped through new cultures, they can then draw final conclusions to life. A great way this sign can thrive in volunteer service is by hosting a foreign exchange student or lending their time to the Peace Corps.


Life is just like a giant chess game to a Capi. They’re great at strategizing and executing their goals. Capricorn rules business, and because of this, you will often find this sign in executive or managerial positions. Capricorns would be helpful in assisting the business aspect of a nonprofit or volunteer organization, as their ability to consider long-term goals is imperative in launching success.


Independent, progressive, and unorthodox is the Aquarian. Their ideals are just one step ahead of us, which can make them hard to understand if you’re afraid of change. Aquarius rules innovations, since these people see the future they can already envision what innovations we will need to better humanity. This makes them especially savvy in cutting edge nonprofits and volunteer organizations who use new technology to provide humanitarian change. Think something along the lines of THORN, One Laptop Per Child, or any other organization looking to bring new and inventive ideas to those in need.


Pisces are very intuitive, spiritual, and compassionate. They have beautiful dreams that they can transform into a reality. Painting the world around them in beautiful new colors gives them a very special edge to creativity. They would thrive in volunteer work around teaching children how to play music or express their creative sides.

Do any of these predictions resonate with you? Tell us in the comments below!

Helen Schmidt is a Tarot Reader and Modern Mystic based in Los Angeles. She shapes mystic wisdom into a practical tool intended to help you confidently build your reality. On her journey she has gotten to share her work as a reader with some incredible brands like Unique Market, Vitruvi, Teva, and Lightning in a Bottle.




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