Meditate on Mindful Skin

Give your skin just as much love as you give your brain!

Meditation and skincare—what do they have in common? They’re both crucial ways to care for your pretty little head!

Meditation, while an age-old practice of caring for mental health and creating clarity, is gaining traction as of late, and see as more of a necessity than a hobby. Meditation has illustrated the power to decrease stress levels, increase emotional well-being, quell anxiety, lengthen attention span, and enhance self-awareness. Those benefits sound pretty crucial to us.

You know what else is a necessity? Giving your skin some love. It’s not about looking good (though 90 percent of visible aging is due to sun damage)—but rather about preventing really scary health problems. And if you plan on meditating on the beach or on a cloudy day, know that sand only amplifies the power of the sun and that harmful rays can still penetrate through cloud coverage.

Protect your head, in all the ways.