The Wanderlust 21-Day Meditation Challenge is a powerful program designed to help you build and strengthen your meditation practice on your schedule. Each day, Light introduces a new theme, guides a brief meditation, and ends with practical takeaways for the days ahead.


What We Mean When We Say Bliss

It’s time we go beyond the buzzword, and examine “bliss” as the powerful state of presence that comes along with regular meditation.

Meditation Comfort

Meditation: All About Comfort

How you set up your meditation space matters. The name of the game is to feel comfortable, in order to let your mind quiet and calm.


Rameen Peyrow: How Meditation Changes Your Life

How the practice of meditation allows us to make different choices in every moment of our lives.


Meditation: Am I Doing It Right?

It’s not just about closing your eyes and breathing. It’s about connecting to your most private self.