Why You Should Lather Up Before You SUP

Trying new outdoor adventures? Don’t forget your SPF—it’s more important than you think.

Never tried SUP, or stand-up paddle-boarding? We won’t judge you.

But we will also highly recommend you find a way to try, especially if you’re feeling stuck. According to HuffPost, trying new things is a great way to overcome fear, get to know yourself, stimulate creativity, make yourself more marketable to the rest of the world.

When trying new outdoor activities, you’re also given the added bonus of stimulating brain function and decreasing stress. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin for a reason—the correlation of light and mood is dependent on the body’s natural response to make serotonin. More time outdoors means better moods and sounder sleep.

That being said, don’t get so excited that you run out the door without lathering up. Staying properly protected is no joke, and you certainly don’t want skin cancer being encroaching on your outdoor adventures. Did you know that skin cancer most commonly appears on the face and nose? Those are the areas that see the sun almost every day. You don’t want this to be a part of your paranoia—skin biopsies, treatments, surgeries, and therapies are taxing on the brain and wallet.

Try new adventures—but also ensure sun protection is a regular part of your routine.