Yoga for Teens: Rise and Shine 30-Minute Class

“I love to do this class before school and to get my day started off right! We begin with child’s pose variations, then move on to seated poses, shoulder and neck rolls, and finally some lunges and half splits.” ~ Jaysea

This is part of our Yoga for Teens, by Teens series with Jaysea Devoe.
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Jaysea Devoe started her yoga journey at 8, completed her teacher training at 12, and now is the 14-year-old founder of SeaVibes Yoga — “Where the ocean meets the mat.” She’s also one of the youngest certified stand up paddleboard yoga instructors in the world and a brand ambassador with Sanuk.

Jaysea encourages other teens to pursue their passions and not worry about age; finding your bliss is a gift whenever you come to it. For herself, Jaysea draws much of her inspiration from the water, and brings a calm, free-flowing mentality to her classes. So pull up a cushion or roll out a mat, and come chill with Jaysea.