It’s August: Let’s Move

It’s peak summer and after the year we’ve had, it’s time to MOVE. From trying something new on…

It’s peak summer and after the year we’ve had, it’s time to MOVE. From trying something new on the mat, to getting outside with your WLTV in the palm of your hand, here are our picks for the best classes and courses to get you moving this month.

The FIXX with Devon Young

devon sayulita FIXX

If you’re craving the great outdoors but just can’t get there yet, this one is for you. One of our core WLTV guides, Devon Young, broadcast her most recent weekly FIXX class and lucky us—currently she’s leading a yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, making the backdrops super lush for this fan fave!

Animal Flow

kim hartwell animal flow
The animal flow class blends a mixture of mobility techniques with strength and primal movement inspired training. Expect to get sweaty whilst having a lot of fun and exploring just what your body is capable of.

On The Mat

schuyler on the mat


Short and sweet pose tune ups for those looking to hone their skills. Join iconic Wanderlust yoga teachers Briohny Smyth, Caley Alyssa, Schuyler Grant, and Matt Phippen as they  break down beloved poses in some of Northern California’s most breathtaking locations. Practice and perfect handstand along the shores of Lake Tahoe, Warrior III atop an epic mountain range, and Eka Pada Koundinyasana II beneath a canopy of stars.

Shake Your Chakras

Beau Campbell Shake Chakras 2


This is one of the most popular courses we’ve released recently, and for good reason! This course by Beau Campbell scratches all the spots that need attention: using ecstatic dance, yoga and meditation. Each class is designed to bring awareness to the different energies and imbalances within us so we can restore and enhance the flow. Both a grounding and uplifting experience, you will leave with the tools to open blocked energy and step into transformation.

Low Impact HIIT

Emma Obayuvana Low impact HIIT


Join Emma Obayuvana for an energetic and sweat-inducing circuit that is low impact and kind to joints. Quick transitions between dynamic body-weight exercises working on multiple muscle groups without jumping. Expect to build strength, endurance, and mobility.