Honoring the Life You Want to Create

Life’s a trip. Literally and figuratively. 

Melissa Colleret is a Wanderlust mentor and former Wanderlust presenter. For a full line-up of 2017 presenters, please click here

When I got quiet and brutally honest with myself what I craved was a fresh start and an adventure. I wanted to let go of all that didn’t truly bring me joy and see what waited for me on the other side.  I spent some time ignoring this craving. But just as denying yourself that piece of birthday cake will eventually lead to a full blown binge of miniature brownies, eventually you can’t fight the craving anymore. Losing the fight to my deepest desire happened while on a beach in Hawaii last January.

I was admiring a rainbow arch over Paia when I heard the whisper of intuition say, “Move to the ocean. Just go.” After years of dreaming about this idea I heard the call loud and clear. In turn I have won the gift of following my heart and honoring the life I am inspired to create.

While reading the first edition of the Wanderlust Journal I eagerly turned to the article celebrating women who travel in their vans. I was immediately inspired by them. Aspired to be them. Then felt that sinking feeling as I realized that most of these women were on the road with their partners.

I went from feeling like this is something I could do to feeling embarrassed that I had not yet found my partner in love, adventure, and occasional crime. Once the feeling passed I realized how often I stop myself from truly living the life that I love because I am not in a relationship or for any equally disempowering reason.

What example was I giving to the world by playing small? By holding back? The answer: If I stopped myself from going for it I would regret it.

And so began the journey of letting go of the life I had built in Montreal for nearly 15 years in lieu of a new experience by the ocean, somewhere along the North American West Coast.

I didn’t want to let being solo or social norms hold me back this time.

Getting Ready

I got rid of possessions that I didn’t deeply love over the course of several months. Sold all my furniture apart from two mirrors and some pieces of pottery. Donated clothes to friends and charity and have adopted something similar to the ten item wardrobe. I cried when I sold my vintage Peugeot 10-speed. Avoided going through a box of souvenirs from high school and nearly lost my breath when I watched the box filled of journals drop to the bottom of the dumpster. With a countless number of days where I would go from feeling completely exhilarated to overwhelmed with self-doubt and fear, it all was part of the process.

I even moved back in with my parents for a couple months prior to departure. While most people feel that moving back into their childhood home is a big hit to the ego, I felt truly privileged to have the chance to spend quality time with the two most influential human beings in my life. It remains one of the most memorable periods of the experience thus far.

After months of slow and steady changes it was time to sail away from the safe harbor. Or rather, drive away. With my compact car filled to the brim and my dog taking up more room than he needed, we hit the road.


For five weeks we explored the U.S. From chasing waterfalls in Pennsylvania to sleeping under the stars in Joshua Tree and catching glassy waves in Leo Carillo, the adventure was beyond what I could have expected.

Road-tripping across the U.S. was just the first part of the journey. Next up was finding a new home. With the overwhelming “you should go here and not there” coming from friends, family, and most of all, my ego, I needed to get quiet and listen to what my intuition had to say.

“Go to Tofino. Go to the ocean there. Surf. Get grounded. Let the experience sink in.” Once again I listened to what it had to say.


Now here I am. Writing at Rhino coffee shop after spending a morning walk with my dog on the beach. I was to be here for just a couple weeks, I’ll be here for at least a few months more. I live just moments away from the ocean, just as I had dreamt of doing.

What is your soul craving? What does your intuition say when you get quiet? What are you willing to let go of in order to get what you want?

I invite you to give yourself the gift of answering these questions and seeing what it sparks in you. The answers may force you to transform. Do not fear the process that will lead you on this journey. If you stay true to yourself and reconnect to that inner calling, you will see time and time again that your heart really does know what path to go on.

If in doubt, go to Hawaii. I promise, something magical awaits you there.


Melissa Colleret is a life coach, speaker, and yoga instructor based in Montreal. Sharing her mission to make you come alive and live your best life keeps this passionate entrepreneur on her toes. From 1:1 sessions, online workshops, cleanse programs, and yoga classes, Melissa wakes up every day wanting to inspire and empower.