London love: 5 awesome (and ethical) places to take a date

After finding someone you like, the second hardest thing about dating is finding the right place to meet. Picking the best bar, restaurant, park or whatever floats your boat isn’t easy (and it’s not our area of expertise either). But what we do know about are the places in London that really care that their menus aren’t doing any damage to the environment.

This isn’t just about vegan dating, but sharing amazing bars and restaurants that are committed to sustainable or organic farmingzero waste, organic and natural wine, or all of those things put together.


Naughty Piglets

Naughty Piglets in Brixton is a cosy restaurant and wine bar that specialises in low intervention wines (which means they’re grown organically and don’t have any chemical or sulphates in them) and pairs them with small sharing dishes like Devon crab, peanut and pickled cabbage. The menus constantly change and it’s got a real neighbourhood kind of vibe. Just be aware you can only book a table for two hours so get stuck in.

If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to organic or natural wines check out our guide here.



If you’re in South Ken checking out museums, pop by Squirrel – it’s a fab healthy cafe and lunch spot where everything’s organic. There’s matcha tea, smoothies, breakfast bowls, gorgeous salads and even organic biscuits for the dog, all served from a huge fallen oak tree. It has a whole wooden treehouse vibe going on which, as kitsch at it sounds, is actually pretty cute.


Sager + Wilde

If you’re all about the wine on a date, try one of Sager + Wilde’s outposts in East London. These super trendy wine bars are known for their organic and natural wine selections. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and you’ll find stuff served there that’s totally unique. Put the Marlborough Sauvignon down and step out of your comfort zone.


Gourmet Goat / ChangePlease, Borough Market

Borough Market is on most people’s date lists with good reason but impress your other half with some sustainable stories – such as Gourmet Goat who use rose veal that’s otherwise discarded in the food industry to make delicious koftes and brisket style wraps. Or pop by ChangePlease which is backed by The Big Issue and trains homeless people to become baristas (and sells awesome coffee to boot).


Duke of Cambridge

This proper pub hits a home run when it comes to sustainability. All of its produce comes from Riverford Organic Farm, all the furniture is upcycled or second hand and its installed an anaerobic digestor to cut down on food waste. But really all you need to know is that the homely food’s award-winning (try the Roasted chestnut mushrooms, Bath blue cheese, toast and leaves) and it’s a cosy place to while away an evening.







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