Dressing Consciously for a Better Planet

Choosing to shop for ethical apparel sends a message that goes beyond fabric and style.

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Wellbeing and nutrition have become nothing short of a global movement that continues to gather momentum. Today, people will happily invest in buying farm-to-table, seed-to-skin, organic, fermented, probiotic, cold-pressed everything to ensure their continued good health. But how often do people consider the effect the clothes they wear have on the environment and their health?

This sort of mindfulness is slowly starting to pour into the fashion industry. It seems the habits of our lifestyles have indeed adopted a conscious mind. We are aware of the impact each and every decision we are making has on both our local community and the state of the global environment.

Brands, once judged on their desirability and product elitism, are now being judged on their value systems, innovation, and dedication to helping change the world, one product at a time. People are becoming increasingly aware of not only where their latest wardrobe is being made, but also how.

Habitual change and the improvement to the state of the environment start with the individual: you! So here are some things to look for when shopping for ethical clothes.

  1. Does the brand reach out to the wider community by either development of the communities of craftspeople or through the support of local charities?
  2. Is the brand ethically crafted and what are the worker rights in the country of origin?
  3. Who are the textile suppliers? And do they work with green mills?
  4. It the brand ethically transparent, and if not does their website or sales team educate on what they are involved in?

Choosing to shop for ethical apparel sends a message that goes beyond fabric and style. It shows support for the bigger, more sustainable picture. It also represents an idea that can enter many facets of an individual’s journey; it’s the way you check in with yourself, the way in which you approach your yoga mat each morning, the food you choose to eat, and the lifestyle choices you make everyday. When your values are strong and you can back your own choices, you ultimately start believing in yourself more. And when we believe in ourselves, our possibilities are endless.

yasmine-Ganley-PortraitYasmine Ganley is a Titirangi, New Zealand-based freelance writer and photographer, specialising in content creation and strategy. Editor of anyonegirl.com and co-founder of The Periodic Journal, Yasmine also contributes to local and international publications.