This App Literally Has a Meditation for Everything

On the prowl for the best guided meditations? Become BFFs with your brain using our favorite meditation app on the market.

Meditation practice isnt about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, its about befriending who we are. Ani Pema Chodron

As spiritual teacher Pema Chodron notes, meditation is a powerful tool for deepening the connection we have with ourselves. It helps us slow down the thinking mind, change our inner dialogue, and ultimately, yes, befriend ourselves.

Yet for many, daily meditation remains a challenge. It could be the struggle to actually, well, do nothing. We’re an ambitious, goal-oriented culture and the idea of just sitting and being with one’s thoughts is often more intimidating than the to-do list itself. And once we get started in a formal practice, there is little way of knowing whether or not we are doing it right”—which can be infuriating to a progress-driven mindset. Meditation is not like many of the other experiences we have when we practice something; there is no linear trajectory of progress, meaning there is no level to get to, or thing to achieve. It is simply a daily practice of reconnecting with ourselves beyond our everyday thoughts. Which, TBH, is all the more reason to actually sit down and do it.

Luckily, there’s a huge trend of meditation apps right now—they’re organized, accessible, and filled with positive reinforcement. We’ve really been loving Meditation Studio, the virtual buffet table of meditation options. If you’re interested in getting serious about your meditation practice, Meditation Studio is an easy way to transform your day (and thus, your life) through simple, diverse, and approachable sessions.

I was lucky enough to snag access to every single meditation the app has to offer. Read on for the full review.

It really works.

Meditation Studio actually delivers what it promises. “Meditation has an assortment of benefits that fall in the categories of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For example, meditation can improve sleep, improve concentration, calm the mind, and activate deep self awareness,” says yoga and meditation teacher, Faith Hunter. (Faith is just one of the many teachers on the app.)

After a week of experimenting with various meditations, it was clear that the Meditation Studio walks their talk. Personally, this writer felt more at peace, focused on specific tasks, and less frustrated when something disruptive came up after just 10 minutes of daily meditation for a week.

It’s ideal for all levels. 

My grandma and my 8-year-old cousin could have meditated with this app. There is no specific age, milestone, or level of spirituality that stands as a barrier to the Meditation Studio content. Instead, Meditation Studio recognizes that everyone is in need of some mindfulness. There are collections of meditations specifically for kids, moms, veterans, entrepreneurs, first responders, college students, those facing the infamous quarter-life crisis, and more.

It’s extremely versatile. 

Meditations are conveniently organized into categories that are curated to one’s specific needs. There’s “Be Kind” (with a variety of meditations on gratitude, compassion, relationships) and “Be Curious” (travel, the outdoors, mantra), “Be Healthy” (stress, anxiety, sleep, eating) and  “Be Awesome” (performance, confidence, work, and happiness). The app gets even more specific as you enter these subsections: titles like “Faced with Bad News”, “Job Negotiation”, and “On a Hiking Trail” are just a few that might add some peace and presence into your daily life.

“These sessions are a mix of helping users feel connected to their heart, supporting personal growth, magnifying focus, and cultivating inner steadiness,” Faith adds in regards to the meditation studio content. “They create a quality of ease (physically and mentally), which in turn reduces stress and anxiety.”

The teachers are amazing. 

What makes the Meditation Studio as inviting and as nurturing as warm socks in the wintertime are the experienced teachers guiding the meditations. Meditation is not always a bliss trip (it can take some time and persistence when you’re not feeling your best self), so its important to work with informed and experienced teachers. As we mentioned briefly, the teachers who signed on to share their treasure trove of meditation knowledge come from impressive backgrounds and offer diverse perspectives. These experts include Ashley Turner, Elisha Goldstein, Chrissy Carter, Emily Fletcher, and more.

Try it out. There is literally nothing to lose but a little stress, anxiety, worry, insomnia, anger, or depression. Even better, gift it to someone in your life (someone scared of meditation, perhaps?) and hold each other accountable to doing the simplest and easiest thing to enhance your life: befriending yourself exactly as you are. In other words, meditate.

Want to try it for yourself? Meditation Studio is offering a subscription discount until February 7 for all new users. Click here to unlock.