Faith Hunter: Feeling Different and Finding Healing in Yoga

Yogini Faith Hunter shares her experiences of diversity and healing in the yoga community.

Faith Hunter tells us about her introduction to yoga and offers advice for beginners:

My yoga journey started in the early ’90s. I practiced yoga by watching Rodney Yee on PBS. During that time my older brother, Michael, was battling complications from HIV/AIDS. To say the least, I needed to get centered and strong, so I desired to learn more about yoga.

A friend suggested we take a class together, which was mostly meditation and Kundalini Yoga influenced. During that time, yoga gave me the space to be my truest self, and the freedom to escape from my emotional jail.

As a whole, yoga provided me with the tools to heal from the death of my brother. I cried and released so many trapped feelings. Prior to becoming a certified teacher, I shared the practice with friends and taught breathing and meditation to my co-workers in the nonprofit industry. I soon realized I needed to share these amazing healing tools with more people.

For new yoga students, I would recommend starting out slow. Simply allow yourself to be open to the process: Both physical and mental. Try out different styles of yoga, teachers, and multiple times to determine what feels best for you and your lifestyle. Don’t push it: Be kind and mindful. The practice of yoga and/or meditation will soon become a natural part of your life.

Produced by Wanderlust Festival
Filmed and Edited by Greenheart.TV 
Filmed at Wanderlust Snowshoe 2015