5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to O’ahu Right Now

The island is calling. Check out these 5 reasons as to why it’s time you plan your next Hawaiian vacay.

Discover all these gifts—while also enjoying the gift of mindfulness—with us at Wanderlust O’ahu this spring. Featuring Eoin FinnAna ForrestMC Yogi, and Schuyler Grant, you won’t want to miss this lineup. Tickets on sale now!

The Hawaiian island of O’ahu is known as “The Gathering Place” for a reason. Natural beauty? 100 percent. Good waves? You’ll find breaks around the entire island. Great food? Poke and plate lunches galore.

And that barely scratches the surface of treasures on this ‎oceanic oasis. (We haven’t even mentioned pineapple ice cream or shark diving on the north shore.) If these aren’t reasons enough to book a trip to Hawaii ASAP, keep reading to learn about 5 awesome happenings at Wanderlust O’ahu in 2019.

‘Ohana Night

“‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Yeah, we just quoted Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, but we stand by it. Our ‘Ohana night is all about bringing the Wanderlust and O’ahu community together to celebrate the spirit of Aloha. Learn the art of lei-making, stand witness to a traditional Hawaiian blessing, find your flow with poi spinning and finish the night watching traditional Polynesian dancers under the stars. Talent from the Wanderlust Lineup will be joining us—make some new friends and get to know your favorite yoga teachers off the mat.

Mat Pilates

If you’ve never tried pilates, O’ahu is a good place to start. The slow and controlled movements of this workout put minimal impact on your joints, making it a complementary activity for the vinyasa obsessed yogi. The exercise also targets your core (hey, hey 6-pack!) and the muscles closest to the spine which can help alleviate aggravating low back pain and improve posture. With a focus on composed movement and breath, pilates is also linked to enhance mindfulness and sensory awareness. And practicing just a stone’s throw away from the ocean doesn’t hurt, either.

Take a break and get a massage.

Step away from festival’s high energy and into the Nalu Kinetic Spa, where authentic Hawaiian wellness awaits. If 3+ yoga classes a day have created sore muscles, we recommend lying down for 50 blissful minutes and receiving the coconut lava shell massage. Therapists use the heat of the lava shell to smooth away knots while kneading nourishing coconut-argan massage oil onto the body. The lava shell gives off calcium ions which can help firm and regenerate the skin, while the oil moisturizes and soothes.

Flow Art (or Poi)

Poi is typically thoughts of as the Hawaiian dish made from taro root, but it’s also a tool used in flow art performance. Flow arts include a variety of movement-based disciplines with creative expression to achieve a state of present-moment awareness, aka Flow.  It’s a great way to bring play into your life, and the possibilities of moves, props and personal expression are infinite. Meditative in nature, flow art helps you focus the mind and hone your physical abilities.


Kiakahi is a fitness style that fuses Hawaiian cultural practices, the natural elements and the understanding of our bodies. More than just a physical practice, it channels a mindfulness of being present in the moment, and harnessing positive energy to hold and spread into the community. The workout is based on a four-part sequence that works your body’s major muscles and challenges your balance and core strength. You won’t find this at your local gym, so take advantage of it while you’re on the island.

Let’s face it: Hawaii is always a good idea. Whether you’re practicing yoga with your favorite teacher, catching a party wave with your best friend, relishing a quiet moment in the spa, or exploring the local culture, we promise a transformational four days on the oasis of Oahu’s North Shore.

Leslie Carvitto is a freelance writer and photographer based in Seattle, WA. She is fueled by creativity, community, coffee, and the great outdoors.  A traveler at heart, she’s constantly adding stamps to her passport and seeking out adventure at home and abroad. Follow her travels at Forever Stoked and Instagram