100 Ways to Be Grateful During the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be thankful. Need a little inspiration? Look no further.

The holiday season is here!

What do you look forward to the most during the holidays? For me, it’s big family meals, traveling, sharing stories, bundling up, and creating lasting memories with those who I love. Although there are tons of reasons to love the holidays, there are even more reasons to be grateful. It’s the time of year to reflect, give, share, and grow—to express gratitude It’s an opportunity to be thankful for the life that we’ve been given.

May this list inspire you to move through the holidays with gratitude and love:

  1. Think about how many holiday seasons you’ve experienced. Every one of them is a gift. Be happy that you’re alive!
  2. Show gratitude during family meals and help clean the dishes.
  3. Enjoy taking time off work.
  4. Travel to see loved ones, new places, and experience a change of scenery.
  5. Notice the changing of seasons—it’s a time of transitions and growth—learn to embrace change.
  6. Snuggle up next to the fire with someone you love.
  7. Spend time with friends and make new memories.
  8. Sleep in a little bit longer than usual.
  9. Pumpkin spice everything!
  10. Go on an adventure.
  11. Make a list of things you’re thankful for.
  12. Create a vision board.
  13. Write someone a letter to tell someone how amazing she is.
  14. Start writing in a journal; make sure to end each entry on a positive note.
  15. Give high fives to strangers.
  16. Pray.
  17. Tell your yoga teachers “thank you” after a great class.
  18. Think happy thoughts!
  19. Show up.
  20. Speak with kindness and be compassionate.
  21. Tell someone “I love you.”
  22. Create morning rituals.
  23. Find ways to feed your soul.
  24. Read a book that makes you feel good.
  25. Share.
  26. Give compliments.
  27. Know your worth.
  28. Tap into your inner child and have some fun!
  29. Give hugs—lots of hugs.
  30. Send a friend an inspirational text message to help them through a long day.
  31. Donate to a good cause.
  32. Make a desire map.
  33. Wake up happy.
  34. Do what you love.
  35. Give more.
  36. Leave a large tip for great service.
  37. Praise a coworker.
  38. Notice the small things in life.
  39. Meditate.
  40. Be honest with yourself.
  41. Send yourself flowers.
  42. Write a thank you letter.
  43. Make it a priority to always say “thank you.”
  44. Be supportive and encourage people to find their inner greatness.
  45. Smile more.
  46. Buy a friend a random gift.
  47. Invite friends to your Thanksgiving dinner who would otherwise be alone.
  48. Write a thank you note to yourself and read it every night before you go to bed.
  49. Make a list of people you’re thankful for.
  50. Stay true to yourself.
  51. Help other people.
  52. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to recently.
  53. Donate old winter clothing to keep others warm during the holidays.
  54. Take less, give more.
  55. Cook a surprise “thank you” meal for your significant other.
  56. Take time to appreciate nature.
  57. Cherish each day as if it were your last.
  58. Volunteer your time at a local organization.
  59. Hand-deliver a love note.
  60. Invite more acquaintances to your holiday parties.
  61. Call your parents and thank them for all that they’ve done for you.
  62. Spend a day at a local children’s hospital.
  63. Be mindful.
  64. Look in the mirror and thank the Universe for your beautiful body.
  65. Let your gratitude radiate out of you and let others know about it.
  66. Live for connection and love.
  67. Give a stranger a compliment.
  68. Pay it forward—literally: Pay for the person behind you when buying your next coffee or snack.
  69. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
  70. Offer blessings before meals.
  71. Be thankful for the new people introduced into your life.
  72. Understand that all things in life work in cycles—there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
  73. Treat your boss to lunch.
  74. Use Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks both to yourself and those around you.
  75. Say thank you to your body by taking a long bubble bath or getting a massage (maybe both)!
  76. Eat food that makes you feel good from the inside out.
  77. Make a list of things that you like.
  78. Share the spirit of gratitude with others.
  79. Have more holiday cheer.
  80. Stay active.
  81. Be the best version of yourself.
  82. Volunteer a weekend of your holiday season at a local food bank.
  83. Take time for yourself.
  84. Take more naps.
  85. Let loose and laugh more—life is too short to always be serious.
  86. Forgive yourself.
  87. Tap into your inner creativity and have a craft party.
  88. Give back.
  89. Learn to love winter.
  90. Inspire others to be thankful.
  91. Be thankful for new beginnings.
  92. Take five deep breaths and smile.
  93. Hand-deliver holiday gifts.
  94. Eat comfort foods and feel shameless about it.
  95. Appreciate every moment.
  96. Use your yoga practice to get you ready for the holidays.
  97. Send a loving text message to your best friend.
  98. Bake cookies for your neighbors.
  99. Discover all the blessings in your life: Thank your lucky stars for every single one of them.
  100. Love yourself!


Zuzu Perkal is an artist, photographer, yoga instructor, blogger, and pizza lover. Born in San Diego and currently living in Austin, Texas, she lives for creativity and connection. In 2010, after studying Creative Advertising at the University of Texas from one of the nation’s top rated portfolio schools she chose the path of travel, exploration, art, and inspiration; wild and free. Fall down the rabbit hole… ihavepinkhair.com and @zuzubee.