Get Creative! 6 Ways to Feed Your Soul

Getting artsy—whatever that means to you—is like a wheatgrass shot for your truest self.

Expressing yourself through creativity is a choice. Owning it is akin to the best GPS out there, guiding you directly to Destination: Soul. Your soul is where your pure being resides, where emotional desires are at play in union with the bigger picture of your life. Your soul is creative, but it isn’t crazy. Unlike persistent stereotypes of highly creative people, you soul wants you to know you are safe, sacred, and serene.

But let’s get real: getting in touch with your pure being is a little more complicated than plugging in a GPS and following an automated voice. It takes a bit of work. For creativity to reach your soul and resonate deeply, keep these six points in mind.

As you create, listen to yourself.

When you are creating consciously, you invite silence, space, and improvisation into your life. These actions train you to be sensitive to your emotions. In unison with creativity, you become a translator of your soul’s unique language.

You process emotions through creation.

When you create, your whole self is showing up for the moment. When you’re truly present in the creative moment, distractions minimize and you become acutely aware of your feelings. From this place, you get perspective on what is going on within and around you.

In days when I am swimming in the what-ifs or feeling fear of sharing my new project, I turn to being creative to get unstuck. Practicing 15 minutes of painting or journaling is usually all it takes. If I can’t get to the drawing board that day, when cooking dinner or doing chores I’m sure to be especially mindful and gentle with myself, allowing my emotions to birth forth into a more constructive form.

Unused creativity is painful.

When you don’t make the choice to express your truest self, you start to suffer. Have you ever been in a relationship where you aren’t fully able to be yourself? Over time, you feel pain and heartache at this separation of you from you, and the relationship fizzles out. It’s the same with creativity. When you don’t access the creativity within, you’re denying a part of you that is meant to shine.

For many years, I gave all my creativity away in my personal and work relationships by supporting other people’s creative needs and plans. I kept putting my creativity aside for another time. A string of heart-wrenching breakups and getting laid off gave my soul the wakeup call it needed: it’s important to take the time to pause and ask: What am I creating in my soul by what I am saying/doing/reflecting right now?

This pause allows me sync with my own creativity. I can then use that shift in perspective to bring more presence to my life.

You are fulfilling your soul’s purpose to be here when you create.

In being deliberate and creative, you make meaning of the gifts you were given. In using your creative abilities, whether it’s running a marathon, writing a novel, or raising a family, you are showing up for your life’s purpose fully. 

You step into owning all aspects of who you are.

As people, we are all beautiful. We’re also messy, imperfect, and often judgmental and unkind to others or ourselves. Creativity is important for your soul because it reminds you that you belong here. You are not separate or alone. You are igniting the fire within.

In my artistic process, I always make a bunch of scribbles and marks on a blank canvas. I do this in order to be inspired by the chaos, to find the patterns in the markings, and I create from there. At times, I make really ugly art. I’m finally okay with that part of the creative process, because it’s in the process that I find and respect myself deeply.

Creativity helps you surrender.

Your soul knows the deeper aspects of you that are waiting to emerge. Honor all that is you by taking time to appreciate your creative abilities, and surrender to the almighty knowing within. Trust that you will always be taken care of as you use creativity to know your soul.

In soul surrendering, you don’t experience defeat. Instead, you take what no longer serves you (perhaps fear of failure or of putting yourself out there) and metaphorically use that as kindle to your fire and fuel of motivation and courage. Your vulnerability in surrendering is strength. To let go is necessary in order to be fully present as you arrive at your home in your soul.

We all experience the universal desire to create, in one form or another. Maybe it comes in the form of a canvas painting. Maybe it comes in the form of a new business or career path. Listen, answer, and let go to the song of your creations. Your soul’s song knows the way.

Photo by Ali Kaukas

Rose Candela


Rose Candela is a passionate artist who writes and teaches women the power of creativity. Through her mentorship programs, she invites her clients to become in rhythm with their intuition and unique creative abilities. Join her weekly musings online at