Surfer Kiana Fores: Follow Your Heart and Go with the Flow

We talked with 19-year-old surfer Kiana Fores about her love of the sport, the harmony of yoga and surfing, and the mantra that keeps her going

Kiana Fores had her first taste of surfing before she was even one year old. By the time she got her own board at age nine, she was hooked.

“Some waves push you to your limits and challenge you, and that rush of riding a wave—it’s insane,” Kiana says.

We sat down with this delightful 19-year-old Kauai native at Wanderlust O’ahu to talk about her love of catching waves, the harmony of yoga and surfing, and what her mantra—keep flowing—means to her.

“You might plan something, but something else might happen, and you just have to embrace whatever it is—because we’re blessed every day.”

kiana-photosPhotos from @kiana4s