Yoga Pose Breakdown: Chair Pose

What you need to know to get into Chair Pose safely.


Mastering a yoga pose can be a daunting task. Here are the basics of what you need to know to get into Utkatasana (Chair Pose) safely. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below. 

Sanskrit Name: Utkatasana (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) Utkata = powerful, fierce, wild, intense

Get Started: Begin in a standing position. Bend your knees, sit low into your chair, trying to keep the thighs as parallel to the floor as possible. Engage your inner thighs. Work toward staking your knees over the ankles. Take your tailbone down toward the floor. Bring more weight into your heels. Lift your arms overhead. Roll your shoulders away from your ears. Engage your core

Benefits: Chair Pose strengthens the ankles, thighs, calves and spine. It stretches the shoulders and chest. It also stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm and heart. It helps reduce flat feet.

Contradictions: Be careful practicing this pose if you have a headache, insomnia or low blood pressure.

Know your asana: In Bikram, this pose is called Awkward Pose. Try it. It’s totally awkward.