Xavier Rudd: ‘Spirit Bird’

In this powerful song, Xavier Rudd takes us on a journey of beautiful imagery, deep emotion, and great love through his native Australia.

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Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer and songwriter. He also plays several instruments, including the guitar, harmonica, didgeridoo, and banjo, among others. Much of Xavier’s music incorporates socially conscious themes, such as environmentalism, and is considered to have a spiritual connotation. One of Xavier’s great-grandmothers was an Aboriginal Australian and some of his music speaks to the plight of the Aboriginal people, who still face extreme marginalization today.

His album, Spirit Bird, and the title track were created after Xavier’s encounter with a red-tailed black cockatoo in Australia. He had a powerful experience of imagery and emotion, stating:

“A lot of that [album] grew out of me giving myself to that country up in the Kimberley and that country gave it back to me… I’d been on a bit of a journey and Spirit Bird represents that.” – Xavier Rudd

Filmed and edited by Greenheart Creative