What Failure Can Teach Us

It can be hard to identify in the moment, but there can be an upside to our mistakes.

My good friend and a fellow entrepreneur once told me that the more you fail, the better it is for you. I didn’t agree with him entirely, but I did see some truth. Now I understand that without failing and without starting small, you truly can’t grow.

Here is how I have failed this year summed up by what I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Don’t take anyone’s advice too seriously unless they: A) are members of your family you look up to, B) are saying it passionately, or C) have a motive for your sake and want to share this-is-what-I-know/have experienced.
  2. If you are working on a product or project of any sort and are lacking certain skills, don’t create it without a partner who fulfills those skills. This can be a partner on any level, but certainly don’t work with contractors if you don’t understand their work.
  3. Don’t attempt anything too big and don’t change the time-frame for deliverables after you haven’t met them a second time. Rather, change the deliverable!
  4. Don’t take anything too much to heart. Each person is on their own journey and anything they say or do might have been said or done completely differently, had it occurred five seconds before.
  5. Relax, rest, and rejuvenate. Rehab at the end of the year is not the answer. Often we attempt too much too quickly, in one day or one week or even one year. Until this year headaches were unfamiliar. I’ve learned mental health is mandatory!
  6. Try to appreciate what you are doing at the beginning of each morning. Five years ago most of the activities you are doing today would have sounded fascinating, fun, and rewarding. If they suddenly bore/irritate you, something is not right! A reminder of why and what you are doing will help this situation. Even a one-sentence manifesto above your bed can remind you of your goals and inform you of when it’s time to move on.
  7. I have set goals and New Year’s resolutions over 30 times in my life (this includes the Jewish new year and hence is a higher amount than my age). This time, I am setting them here. I aim to follow each of the above and while I will continue to fail, hopefully I will be listening to my own advice and those that should be listened to, working alongside a couple of able individuals this year, working with realistic targets (semantically and time-frame appropriate), brush off anything offensive, take care of myself, and appreciate this journey each day because I chose it!

This piece was originally written by Sharonna Karni Cohen for Holstee.

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