What Are Binaural Beats? DJ Taz Breaks it Down

DJ Taz pairs instrumental meditation music and binaural beats with the five elements—water, earth, air, fire and ether—to target and ease our anxieties.

Do you want less stress in your life? Do you want inner peace to become your normal? Music might be an answer.

DJ Taz Rashid discovered binaural beats meditations when he was living a corporate lifestyle—something that’s definitely riddled with stress. These short and accessible meditations allowed him to calm his “monkey mind” by softening anxiety,  increasing focus, and relieving mental chaos. With just 15-20 minutes of daily music mediation, Taz found his stress melting away.

What are binaural beats? They’re unique sound vibrations created by two different frequencies sent from the right and left speakers of stereo headphones. When this happens, an imaginary note is heard, and certain centers of the brain are activated as they try to respond to this new sound. This activation increases mental clarity and optimizes brain experience. Because of this, binaural beats can help improve meditation, sleeping, and studying. They’re also known to help reduce anxiety, lower stress, increase relaxation, promote creativity, and generally make you feel a sense of inner peace.

DJ_Taz_Rashid_Squaw_18DJ Taz Rashid developed both Binaural Medicine and Backline Binaural Beat Meditations to share the magic of this powerful meditation.

In Binaural Medicine, Taz pairs instrumental meditation music and binaural beats with the five elements (water, earth, air, fire and ether) to target and ease our anxieties. These five special tracks also come with their own unique intention—relax, ground, rejuvenate, focus, and equanimity—ensuring that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Backline Binaural Beat Meditations were conceived as part of Wanderlust’s partnership with Backline, to support mental health and share wellness resources with Backline’s community of touring musicians (and their support staff, crew, and families). These five meditations are designed to bring your emotional state in line with your neural activity, from easing anxiety to uplifting your mood.

Each 20-minute video is designed to help activate specific areas of the brain in just a matter of moments, making it easy to slip one into your daily routine. Headphones are recommended with the binaural beats tracks, as they use special sound frequencies only achievable with this type of equipment. We’ll will be working with the alpha, beta and theta frequencies, as the combination of these three sound waves helps to shift and relax the mind.

5 Types of brain waves we experience:

Delta 0Hz-4Hz: These are our slowest brain waves; we experience during deep sleep, Subconscious Healing

Theta 4Hz-8Hz: Theta waves unlock creativity, and play a role in deep meditation.

Alpha 8Hz-12Hz:  You experience this when you’re calm and focused, or daydreaming and engaged in creative thinking. This wave is activated during meditation, result of deep breathing and relaxation. 

Beta 12Hz – 25Hz- This is the most active wave form. Activated during our waking hours, beta waves are in play during movement, focus, concentration, hyper activity, alertness, stress and anxiety.

Gamma 25Hz – 100hz: Enhance right brain functionality. This frequency is activated during learning, hand-eye coordination, memorizing, high level inspiration and processing information. 

This is the natural remedy your body is seeking. Grab a free 14-day trial on Wanderlust TV to sample Binaural Medicine & Backline Binaural Beat Meditations.