Your Voice: Cutting Through the Noise During Meditation

In this weekly series, we’ll ask you—the community—a question on social media, and we’ll curate some of our favorite answers here.

In this series, we’ll ask you—the community—a question on social media, and we’ll curate some of our favorite answers here. Don’t see yours reflected? Keep commenting and sharing! The more often you comment, the more likely you are to see yourself on our site. We love seeing your photos as well, keep ’em coming. 

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Laura Salazar: You allow the noise to be there and then go back to your center, your inner self by refocusing on the breath. The purpose is not to have silence during meditation but to allow the noise, interruptions, dog barking, etc. and then refocus back to the breath. Namaste. Mickii Dole: I use a meditation app, so I use headphones. But there will always be noise, movement, etc. I just let it pass over me. Heather Marshall: Noise is the perfect way to practise mindfulness WHILE meditating. Acknowledge the noise, let it ground you in the moment, allow yourself to feel whatever the noise makes you feel, and then bring yourself back with your breathing. Charlene Abbott: I had a teacher tell me to let the thoughts come in sentence form, let each word pass starting at the left and let it go off to the right. Usually after I do this a few times I am able to just let go. Nanda Pherai Singh: By allowing everything to be ONE..and selecting that which is most important..and only concentration on the intended purpose one at a time..that which is most important at the moment! Rhonda Sampson: Going to quote one of my yoga instructors "the breathe is the back door to the mind, control your breath and you control your mind"!! Diedre Rose: Practice. Singing bowls in earphones 😍 Beth Blomquist: I do guided meditation with earbuds. That helps with distractions. My kids have mentioned that they have walked in and out of the room and I haven't noticed. Though I will admit that I have a hard time staying focused if my dogs start barking or if one of my cats walks across my lap. Ideally I should be in a place away from the pets but... you know... life 🙂

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