Thomas Droge and Brenda Kahn: Defining Moments

A thoughtful conversation about death led to a night that changed their lives forever.

Years ago, Thomas Droge and Brenda Kahn shared an experience that changed their lives. Thomas shares his thoughts about the impact of this day on their perspectives on life and death, below.

For me, this was one of the formative moments in my life: Being with a person who suddenly was forced to take their last few breaths on a street corner in Brooklyn, with a stranger, gave me the most incredible gift of realizing how connected we all are and how much we are all of the same energy source and how in our physical bodies we are so much alike.

It was an honor to be there with this person and to discover, as you see in the video, the awareness of events that haven’t happened, but are in the energetic field all around us. It is merely a question of deciding at what level you wish to tap in.

It is through the wonder of deep meditation and internal alchemy practice (no matter the tradition) that these doorways become visible to us so that we may walk through them if we choose.

It’s funny, watching this now I feel a little self-conscious seeing that moment as a story being immortalized. And also, I don’t look like that anymore, so it’s like a form of time travel seeing myself speak, two years ago, in this video.

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Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce