Elena Brower: Facing Loss and Finding Connection

The yogi speaks about finding connection through her mother’s illness and eventual loss.

Elena Brower shares her thoughts below:

This video was recorded two years after my Mama recovered from a stem cell transplant, in 2014.

She ended up passing on just two weeks ago, after enjoying five more years of life post-lymphoma. This video tells a story of a feeling, a sensation of full presence, of awakening, of watching my Mama come close to death.

Now that I’ve watched her leave us, I’m grateful to see this story told again. The presence I felt in both instances—the day she almost died, and the day she did—is a feeling I will never forget.

On her last day, we surrounded her with conscious love and soft light; we told her stories, spoke to her, sang to her, held her hands until the last moments when I laid my head on her belly, my sister kissed her endlessly, and my dad held her hand so tightly. Hers was a life of generosity, of love, of taking care of her family and wanting nothing more than more time with all of us. She left us too soon, but in such a beautiful and fitting way. Here are the words I wrote for her memorial.

Her light is so bright now.

I love you Mama.

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Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce