The Dr. Wayne Dyer Quote I Look at Every Day

Remembering a great man and the impact of his teachings

When I was a little girl growing up in Mississippi, an elderly woman named Sister Snowden—whose face was wrinkled with 80 years of life and wisdom—pulled me aside at a church function and said, “Little child, little child. Never fear. This path you’re on is not smooth, but you, my dear, are in the council of a thousand angels.” I didn’t know this woman, and I never saw her again, but what she said to me on that hot summer night has never left me.

I, like so many, felt a strong wave of emotion when the news broke of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s passing on Saturday night. I didn’t know him personally, but his words and principles for living are an undercurrent in my consciousness on a daily basis.

wayne-dyer-quoteShortly after that night with Sister Snowden, and since, I’ve experienced a great deal of loss, and, being an only child, have made a habit of spending a good bit of my life in quiet reflection: processing thoughts, trying to articulate my feelings, grieving, and methodically planning next steps. This process can feel solitary at times with the weight leaving me standing like Atlas.

Seeking balance, I’ve maintained a connection to my Christian upbringing, but have rarely attended church—my spiritual practice and connection to Christ has always felt very individual. What I’ve found in Dr. Dyer’s teachings is the confirmation that I manage my own potential and worth, but have strength and guidance from those who walk with me and those who watch over me.

I keep Dr. Dyer’s quote, at right, with me next to my mirror and read it each morning. It reminds me that I am solitary but supported, and that my potential is limitless. I hope we’ll all take a moment today to think about the transformative contributions Dr. Dyer has introduced over his career and continue to share his wisdom so he too can continue to walk beside us.


Watch Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Speakeasy talk, “Mastering the Art of Manifesting,” here

Photo of Dr. Wayne Dyer at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2012 by Mario Covic

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