The Superfood Hydration Smoothie to Jumpstart Your Immunity

A smoothie bowl that keeps you hydrated? We’ve got the recipe right here.

Am I drinking enough water? It’s a question we should constantly be asking ourselves. Humans can go weeks without food, but just a few days without water, and we’re goners. Think of it like oil for a car: from improved digestion to better circulation, hydration helps keep our entire system running smoothly. Literally our entire system. The human brain is composed of 95 percent water, the lungs are 90 percent, blood is 83 percent, muscles are 76 percent, and bones are 22 percent. 

Dehydration can lead to sluggishness, headaches and even a compromised immune system. Without enough water, your body has a hard time combating illness and flushing out harmful toxins that could make you sick. As we slide into cold and flu season, now is the time to up the ante on your water intake and set healthy hydration habits for the rest of the year. So while your coworkers and friends are heading for the tissues, you can head straight for the water cooler instead.

A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day, but if you’re having a hard time staying on top of your hydration game, there are some superfoods that can help you get there. This immune boosting citrus smoothie using Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier is a delicious way to stay your most happy, hydrated self. 

Citrus Superfood Hydration Smoothie Bowl

1 frozen acai packet
3/4 cup of kale (or any dark leafy green will do)
Juice of one squeezed lemon
1 blood orange (rind removed)
2/3 cup of frozen mango
1/3 frozen banana
3/4 cup of water or coconut water
1 Liquid I.V. packet (one of these is equivalent to three bottles of water!)
Optional toppings: Hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sliced banana, sliced oranges, raspberries, almond butter, granola, or any other toppings of your choosing.

Add everything to a blender or Vitamix and blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and top with desired toppings.

What is your favorite way to stay hydrated?

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