Studio Spotlight: The Hot Yoga Transformation

Two and a half years ago, I received a life-changing birthday present — the birth of The Hot…

Two and a half years ago, I received a life-changing birthday present — the birth of The Hot Box Yoga. In only 2 short years, a wonderful yoga community has been created and our second location in Vancouver is underway.  The Hot Box family of instructors and Karma staff consists of 30 members, and we have a clientele base of approx 4000 yogis (Kelowna location only)!

What many of our guests, friends, yogis and family may not know, is that my life was saved by Yoga. After battling an eating disorder for more than a decade, I finally found strength through this wonderful practice and teachings. My first yoga class was at a small studio named Danu in Calgary, and it was there where I began to learn that spreading compassion, gratitude, and joy is something I pride in being able to offer daily.

The Hot Box Yoga’s ‘Less Traditional More Authentic’ modern approach has revolutionized yoga in the Okanagan valley. On a remote beach in Sayulita, Mexico, my boyfriend (now husband) set our intentions to open our own studio. We came up with the name, our brand, our mission statement, and from a grassroots level have watched THBY materialize far beyond our dreams.

As The Hot Box started to grow, I found myself getting well, both mentally and physically. My weaknesses became strengths, and I found a new level of gratitude and deep satisfaction in offering a unique style of yoga to the ever growing and vibrant community that surrounds us. We are an unpretentious environment with upbeat energy classes and an outstanding instructor team suitable for everyBODY.

It’s not a secret that yoga can transform your life. You can either flow with the change or resist it. Yoga is about love, acceptance and feeling good. This isn’t about rock hard abs and flashy yoga clothes, this is about accepting everyone regardless of their looks, background, age, race, sexual preference, and coming to the realization of unity as we are all one of the same.  Embracing the opportunity to find truth and get to know ourselves on a deeper level not only promotes personal health, wellness and spirituality, but also allows for a deeper sense of humanity and understanding to the world around us.

When Wanderlust asked us to be a studio partner of theirs, I felt it was a natural fit – a celebration of yoga, music, eco-friendly living and an opportunity to connect with like-minded yogis! I am ecstatic to attend my first Wanderlust at Whistler 2014. The studio is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the Wanderlust Festival.

Each and every day I am eternally grateful for my supportive husband and business partner that made this dream become reality, my loving family, and the chance to make a difference on this earth.  With deep gratitude for this practice, freedom of breath and movement, and the ability to share our light with everyone, continue to live your life one breath at a time.