3 Ways to Get an Incredible Stretch Using Your Yoga Strap

Let your yoga strap be your stretching coach with these little-known yoga hacks

Stretching becomes more effective (not to mention more enjoyable) when you a yoga strap is involved. Watch the video on these three hacky ways to stretch with a a strap, and read below for step-by-step instructions.

Strap Hack: Stretch Your Plantar Fascia

Benefits: Prevent plantar fasciitis, relaxes calves and achilles


Step 1: Loop the strap just above the arch of your foot (slightly more toward your toes).

Step 2: Lay down and extend one leg up, foot flexed, just as if taking the traditional hamstring stretch with the strap.

Step 3: Hold one side of the strap in each hand. Keeping both sides taut, pull down more on the left hand, then right, so the strap rubs against your plantar fascia. Free foot massage!

Strap Hack: Strapped-In Happy Baby

Benefits: Releases low back, hips, and groin


Step 1:
Make a BIG loop in the strap (close to as big as possible) and lie down with the strap just below your bra-line.

Step 2: Take the sole of one foot (other leg stays extended) into the strap into half happy baby position, or extend the leg low at 45 degrees for a hamstring stretch.

Step 3: Open across the chest taking cactus arms and gliding the shoulders down the back. The strap holds your stretching leg in position!

Strap Hack: Major Quad Stretch

Benefits: Lengthens low back, enables legs and feet to more fully relax


Step 1:
Make small loop in the strap and take it around your back foot as you sink into a low lunge (pad your back knee with a blanket or by folding over your mat).

Step 2: Take the long end of the strap over the same shoulder as you have the knee on the ground.

Step 3: PULL and press your foot into the loop of the strap for a dynamic deep quad stretch (remember, knee padding is a must).

What are your favorite ways to enhance your stretching with a strap? Let us know in the comments below.

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