A Free Restorative Flow to Prep for the 21-Day Yoga Challenge Next Week

The 21-Day Yoga Challenge with Schuyler Grant starts next week! Give your body a juicy rest to prepare with this *free* class led by Mary Beth LaRue.

When the hips grip, the mind tightens, too. Give them the stretch they deserve!

In this flow, you’ll you move through a series of lower-body focused asana, including Figure 4, Lizard (Utthan Pristhasana), and Goddess (Utkata Konasana). Finish with gentle squats and twists and relish this sweet release.

Find the entire Easy Does It class pack featuring Mary Beth LaRue on Wanderlust TV here.

woman in hero pose with arms open down back with brick wall
Schuyler Grant leading the 2019 21-Day Yoga Challenge. Sign up for free by clicking through the image.