How Fresh Juice Feeds the Body and Mind (Recipes!)

Boost your practice with these fresh juice recipes for day and night.

Getting ready for the Wanderlust Festival season? You’re to take your fitness and spiritual life to the next level. That means preparing all elements of the body: Physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. What if I told you that there is a readily-available “superfood” of sorts that could heighten your performance in all of these areas, as well as amp up your overall life performance to an optimal level? Good news. There is.

Fresh Juice Feeds the Body and Mind

It’s no secret that fresh fruits and vegetables are essential foods for getting and staying healthy. But what you might not know is that drinking fresh squeezed juice every day can make you healthier and more aware than you’ve ever been. For centuries healers around the globe have known this secret and used juices to heal. Fresh juice is like a magical living vitamin pill—rich with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other vital nutrients—that, unlike a synthetic pill, injects right into your body’s cells. Supplements can be good for you if taken correctly and wisely, but they always carry a danger of toxicity, accumulation, or imbalance.

What can you expect from daily juicing? Higher energy levels and stamina, faster recovery from exercise or illness, a slowing of the aging process, a sharper mind, and better overall health. And juicing does all this with no side effects, other than complete refreshing satisfaction.

Juicing is a Cut Above a Green Smoothie

Juicing is NOT the same as green smoothies. Infomercials have been spreading misinformation that blending vegetables and fruit in a small blender (or blenders in disguise) will create juice, but this is simply not true. When we juice, we want to eliminate fiber from the drink, because it slows absorption of the concentrated micro and macro nutrients.

Yes, fiber is an important part of an overall whole-food diet. But by drinking pure juice without the fiber, your body gets access to more nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables than it could any other way. Your body also undergoes less digestive work, leaving more energy for other metabolic processes (not the same with blended smoothies and you WILL feel the difference).

What you Need to Know to Start Juicing

  1. You don’t need a high-priced machine. Check out eBay for a used juicer. Our favorite is the newer vertical single auger machines. Hurom Juicers are great; easy to set up, use, and clean up. Plus they yield a good amount of juice from your produce (a big money saver).
  2. Go Organic. When we are juicing, we are consuming natural medicine straight from the Earth. Don’t let pesticides, herbicides and fungicides get in the way with giving your body the best you can. Yes, it’s more money… But in terms of taking care of your health, you’ll be saving in the long run.
  3. Start slow, with one juice a day. We recommend starting your day with a fresh organic juice on an empty stomach. That is the concept behind our Juice Guru “Daily Juice” concept. Progress to two juices a day as soon as possible, since the big day is coming soon.

Be your own guru, when it comes to taste. But here are two of my favorite juices to get you started.

Supreme Master Zen (AM Juice)

2 Apples (Fuji are great for juicing)
2 pears
1 small lemon, peeled (leave the white pith intact, it’s loaded with nutrients)
1/4-inch piece peeled fresh ginger

In a low-rpm juicer, alternate pressing red apple slices, pear slices, lemon and ginger. Stir and serve immediately.

Eternal Bliss (PM Juice)

green-juice1 medium celery stalk
1 medium cucumber
2 medium Granny Smith apples, cored and sliced
4 medium kale leaves
4 leaves of spinach (or chard)
7 large sprigs of cilantro

In a low-rpm juicer, alternate pressing ingredients. Stir and serve immediately.


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