Radha Agrawal: How Community Builds Business

Successful entrepreneur Radha Agrawal presents three modalities for businesses to be successful.

Radha Agrawal speaks to the Wanderlust community in this Speakeasy at Wanderlust Squaw Valley about her passions in life: Changing the world and creating sustainable businesses.

Agrawal is a successful serial social entrepreneur and creator of businesses such as Super Sprowtz, Daybreaker, and Thinx. As she was building her companies she realized that it was imperative to create community in order to build an effective business, and by doing one she was, in fact, doing the other.

Agrawal discovered three main modalities for building community in a successful business venture, using her businesses as models:

1. Storytelling

Any product, brand, or business has to have a story backing it up. How can a business take a seemingly normal thing and convert it into an immersive story that will change the consumer or viewer’s behavior?

2. Constraints

It’s important to realize that not every community—or every product—is for everyone. By giving guidelines and specifics—or constraints—the community will self-select itself by either identifying with the business or product, or not.

3. Disruptive Products

Is the business or product addressing a problem or situation that has not previously been addressed? Is it providing a platform for a group that has felt marginalized in some way? Is it giving that group a place to come together?

All three of these modalities work together and can be analyzed in business situations.

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Produced by Wanderlust Festival
Filmed by Circus Picnic
Edited by Start Motion Media
Filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015
Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi