Put Your Best Love Forward: Michael Franti’s “Once a Day”

Singer, activist, and friend of Wanderlust Michael Franti’s songs are as uplifting as they are catchy. Here’s an exclusive video shot at Wanderlust.

Michael Franti is a regular presenter at Wanderlust Festivals. Classes with music and yogi dance parties are just two of many experiences that await you at a festival this year. Find out more | 2016 lineup | Buy tickets  

What’s the story behind “Once a Day”? Is this a personal philosophy?
‘Once a Day’ first started as a mantra within my own family, as a way to approach the unexpected moments in life. Sometimes we have unexpectedly beautiful moments and others that are unexpectedly challenging. Last year we had a really challenging moment when my son was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. We thought it would be something that broke our family apart because it ripped our hearts open. But each day small miracles started to happen, an extra hug, an extra kiss, an extra ‘I love you’, and these would turn moments of repair into moments of closeness. What we first thought was going to pull us apart ended up bringing us closer together. We all decided to celebrate and love life. A reminder to hug, kiss and cherish each other every day; through that we’ve been able ‘rise up’ and face his illness together.

As more and more people heard the song, the lyrics organically transformed from a hopeful personal message for our family into an actual daily practice of gratitude and celebration of life throughout our social community. I love when the message of a song takes on an even bigger message than was originally intended. That is the awesome power of music.

Why shoot the acoustic “Once a Day” video at Wanderlust? How does the ethos of the festival fit with that of “Once a Day”?
We shot the acoustic video for Once A Day at Wanderlust because the festival brings together people from around the planet who want to live life to the fullest.  Many people come to Wanderlust looking to let go of something in their life that is no longer serving them and invite in a new energy, a fresh way of living life that puts connection, service, optimism and enthusiasm front and center. Wanderlust  is a place that feels like home to me and my family, no matter the festival location. To us it was a perfect place to continue to bring the “Once A Day” vibe to life.

What do you mean by “we all will rise up”?
Right now our planet, our countries, our families, and each of us as individuals are facing enormous challenges every day. ‘Rising up’ means that we face those challenges and use each setback as an opportunity to step back so we can get a running start to jump even higher. When we move closer to each other during challenges is when we rise the highest. It’s also a reminder that together, through music, dance and gratitude for this life we can all ‘Rise Up’ no matter what life brings us.

You say in the song that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. What does a life of purpose look like?
We all have our passions, our skills, our ways to earn a living and our ability to give back.  When we can combine all of those things, the sweet spot in the middle is ’success’. Not a million dollars in the bank when you die, but right now, what can each of us do that gives our lives meaning and serves others. That’s what purpose is to me. Working on something that brings those four things together and inspires us to serve in the most effective way we can. Through my music I try to do that everyday.

How does Wanderlust fit into living a life of purpose?
In our house Sara and I have a family saying, “Be your best, serve the greater good and rock out wherever you are!” Wanderlust is about trying new things that bring out the best in ourselves, so that we can be the best keepers of the planet, our communities, and families; perhaps most importantly, never losing our enthusiasm for life! Through the Wanderlust experience, everyone can feel what it is to live a life full of purpose. When we feel this, it allows us to take on the world in ways we could only once imagine.

franti bioMusician, filmmaker, humanitarian, Michael Franti, is recognized as a pioneering force using music as a vehicle for positive change as well as his unforgettable, high energy shows with his band, Spearhead. Franti has a brand new single, “Once A Day” the energetic new song from upcoming debut album on Fantasy Records. “Once A Day” was produced by Supa Dups (Eminem, Damian Marley, Bruno Mars) and features special guest Sonna Rele. With lyrics such as “I heard the purpose of life is to live a life full of purpose” and “So just believe in yourself , don’t let nobody bein’ negative, tell you what to do,” this new song has the same feel-good, inspiring vibe as “Say Hey (I Love You),” his 2x platinum hit single.