Our Fave Moments From the 10-Day Wellest Challenge

We came, we sweat, we conquered. Here are some of our top moments from the Wellest Challenge.

Missed the Challenge? No worries—you can check out the challenge on Wanderlust TV! Grab our free 3-day trial to take in the first few days of this challenge with MaryBeth LaRue and Jacy Cunningham.  

The Wanderlust Wellest Challenge may be over—but the good vibes are still going. Over the past ten days, you’ve sweat and stretched. You pushed your comfort zones and likely discovered new capabilities. Now it’s time to take these invaluable lessons and carry them into your day-to-day life.

As a reminder of all your hard work, here are some of our favorite quotes from Wanderlust Virtual Yoga Studio over the past two weeks. Congrats again—it’s been such a joy to watch so many yogis come together in a space of encouragement and body positivity. Cheers to your Wellest self, whatever that may look like.

From the Very Beginning

“Thankful to persevere and find access to the Challenge! Thank you Jacy Cunningham for the reminder to smile and spread my joy. I AM joyful! It may have only been for myself and the dog, but it’s now out there! Looking forward to participating in these every day.” – Danielle Barager

“I’ve been fatigued for the last couple of days… So when I opened my email to see that today was the first day of the challenge I was less than enthused. I didn’t think I would have the energy to make it through an HIIT workout. But because of my daily yoga practice and the motivating teaching from Jacy Cunningham, I got through it with a smile on my face and felt a slight surge in energy. Thank you! I can’t wait for tomorrow!”  – Dennisse Morales

“Thank you so much for the Day 1 workout! It made me SO HAPPY! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed in a plank before… This reminded me of the joy of movement and being in my body, and why I wanted to train in the first place. Very excited for the rest of the challenge!!”– Kate Richards

“Jacy brings a lot of positivity and heart to our practices. Just what I needed…  And as a multiracial Latina woman, I have to say, YAY’ for a person of color lead instructor. I love to see this!”– Gieselle Gigi Drayton Poveromo

From When We Pushed Ourselves

“Thanks for the workout Jacy Cunningham! To be really, really frank, I winced at the thought of jumping jacks right at the start… Resistance kicked in almost immediately, but I’m glad I pulled through. It ain’t that bad, and now I’m thinking, ‘Hmmm, what would Jacy intro us to over the next few days?’ Looking forward to that!” – Adele Tan

My ego was caught today, as it often is with yoga. I love yoga. My body is healthy, but not as flexible as I want it to be. I see Mary Beth do these poses so beautifully and I can’t. I used blocks. It is still beautiful though. I honor all that I can do. And I honor my practice as it is.”– Giselle Gigi Drayton Poveromo. 

“Definitely worked up sweat this morning. I did a few modifications to this workout to make it suit where my body is today. Remember to listen to your body, and honor where you are right in this moment, not where you were last week or even two years ago.”– Donesia Rose Dudley

On Finding Gratitude

“I’m grateful for flipping my perspective each morning to think, ‘Wow. I get to do this all over again.’ I feel really grateful and hopeful and excited for what’s just around the corner. (I’m also grateful for veggie burritos!)” – Carly Bisogno

“I’m grateful for restful nights of sleep. I’m grateful for my meditation practice (which is becoming more nuanced and effortless), I’m grateful for dried mangoes to snack on, I’m grateful for the love in my life and family.”– Charlotte Mosinki 

“I am grateful for the sky, my fur babies, and the love in my life.”– Tahnee Comizio

“I am so grateful to teachers like you. I am grateful to be filled with health to do yoga.”– Gieselle Gigi Drayton Poveromo 

“As I zenned out yesterday with Day 3, I was lulled along by the rain. I’m very thankful for rain! Our province has had one of the hottest and driest summers. So much of the province has endured forest fires. The rain has brought the fire ban down, firefighters and civilians are rejoicing.”– Danielle Baragar 

On Loving Our Bodies 

“I love how my body is super strong, and at the same time flexible. I love how she shows up for my every single day, regardless of how I may feel that day. She continues to be strong even when my mind isn’t.”– Donesia Rose Dudley

“I am grateful for a body that had limitations, has fully recovered, and continues to adapt and be flexible every day! Sometimes we are forced to slow down and now I know how to slow down if I need it. I too have loved these two days of Yin practice. Just what I needed.”– Julie Yerkes Rooney 

“I am grateful that my body ‘grew’ and nurtured two amazing girls. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Plus, I’ve always liked my ankles!” – Julie A Gries

 “I love that my body is strong and capable of healing itself. I love my legs, they support me and take me everywhere I want to go—also great for dancing. I love my feet, they’re my connection to the earth and keep me feeling grounded.” – Kate Richards

From Our Teachers

“You are perfect just as you are. Thank you for showing up so fully. That’s the practice of yoga. The poses are just the vehicle to teach us that.”– Mary Beth LaRue

“The journey is soooo beautiful! The ups and downs are all apart of the ride! Each day we have in front of us is a day worthy of celebration!”– Jacy Cunningham

On Discovering Something New 

“I  have to say these ten days were great. I like a very spiritual component to fitness. Every day we had that. I loved the constant incorporation of yoga and mindfulness every day. I have a stressful job I love but it requires me to take care of myself. Thank you both.”– Giselle Gigi Drayton Poveromo. 

Did you participate in the Wellest Challenge? What did you learn about yourself?