Find Your True North

Jacy Cunningham


Jacy Cunningham, Creator of The Jacy Method, is a dynamic Movement Therapist and Group Fitness Instructor. As a former Division 1 Collegiate Football player, Jacy trained with some of the best and brightest performance coaches in the industry. With this foundation he has designed a workout system geared towards discovering the warrior within. In the summer of 2013 Jacy took his talents to Eden, Utah, to serve as the Resident Fitness Instructor for Summit Series. Summit is where the initial seeds of The Jacy Method were planted.

At Summit, Jacy was able to teach his version of movement to a community full of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs and global thought leaders. During his time there Jacy became truly aware of his unique gift of guiding experiences and launched The Jacy Method in 2016. The Jacy Method, where working out meets working in.

The Jacy Method is a movement based experience designed to facilitate harmonious community. Jacy believes he has found a unique mesh point where movement meets meditation. Each workout experience is designed to guide you through a physical and emotional journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. For 90 minutes get ready to crawl, jump, push, pull, dance, scream, sweat, reflect, and redefine what a workout truly means.






























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