The Official Wanderlust Scavenger Hunt

As soon as you decipher your Wanderlust schedule you will quickly realize just how big the festival really…

As soon as you decipher your Wanderlust schedule you will quickly realize just how big the festival really is. Anxiety may set in as you realize there are only so many hours in each day that your body can twist and bend and release in yoga class. From mountain meditation to shaking what your mama gave ya at the Rue Boheme stage, we have curated a scavenger hunt to ensure you that will hit all of the Wanderlust bases this weekend. As you check off the adventures below you will be rewarded with a myriad of Wanderlust magic.

Disclaimer: Participation in these activities will induce feelings of love, freedom, happiness, community, and likely some muscle soreness.

  • Open your map and pay a visit to all of the yoga spaces. In doing so, you will ensure you get to see all of the festival grounds.
  • Take a notebook to class and write one thought, inspiration or intention following yoga class.
  • Chant each mantra and kriya loud and clear from your heart.
  • Take a picture with a new Wanderlust friend and post it on Instagram. Bonus points: Get everyone to do something you would only find at Wanderlust and tag it #OnlyAtWanderlust
  • Take a nap in the d’OM or start a cuddle puddle in the sunshine.
  • Take the gondola to the summit, breathe in the fresh air and let out a long ohm or howl.
  • Hike up the mountain and find a place where you cannot see another soul.
  • Lay in the grass at dusk and watch the colors in the sky turn from blue to rainbow to dark. Bonus points: Find your zodiac sign amongst the constellations.
  • Experiment with stand-up paddle board, slackline, suspension or hula yoga.
  • Challenge someone to a dance-off or start a dance circle and show off your moves.
  • Sample all of the food vendors and nourish your hardworking body.
  • Gather around the campfire, make a s’more, and pretend you’re back at summer camp.
  • Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and do all the things you mom would tell you to do.
  • Get a henna tattoo of your Wanderlust crush’s name (it’s only temporary!)
  • Relax with some restorative or yin yoga when you need a good stretch.
  • Introduce yourself to at least five people each day and feel your Wanderlust family getting bigger throughout the weekend. Bonus Points: Make plans to meet up for a class, tea, or drink later in the festival.
  • Greet each day with a smile and the spirit of Wanderlust: An unending desire to travel, practice yoga, eat well, be green, appreciate art, and create community around mindful living.

Happy hunting yogis! I hope to be a part of your Wanderlust adventure.

camCameron Cler began practicing yoga to elevate her flexibility and endurance for ballet, but soon the physical practice became like a way of life, complete with spiritual growth, mental flexibility and emotional acceptance. Now, the financial consultant and constant traveler is also a registered yoga teacher in San Francisco, who channels her inner yogi to mitigate the stress of working in the corporate world and of life in general. Her passion is cultivating wellness and sharing travel stories, yoga poses, healthy recipes, wellness apps, good books and restaurant recommendations with her friends, family and students.